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By April 23, 2016Workplace Safety

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and someone is talking about the best shoes to wear to work on Show Me Your Stethoscope.

It would also help if they looked something like these.....just for fun

It would also help if they looked something like these…..just for fun

These are absolutes.

This topic is so prevalent that searching shoes in the group will actually take a moment.  There are literally thousands of posts about the the most comfortable shoes for healthcare workers.  I am going to give you a peek into the admin world here…. every now and then someone will go insane and say “Why don’t they JUST SEARCH THE TOPIC? There are thousands of these posts!”

And yet, they are always popular.  Because we are all looking for THE SHOE.  The shoe that makes you feel like you have had a week off after a 3-in-a-row.  You know, the shoe that makes your back stop hurting, never lets you fall, and doesn’t mess up your pedicure?

I am a Dansko girl.  I have been wearing them forever.  I have home Danskos, between-home-and-the-hospital Danskos, and EP Lab Danskos.  I also have interview Danskos in black patent leather.  I rotate them this way:

  • New shoes are lab shoes
  • Then they get passed down to travel shoes
  • Then they get sanitized and become ‘outside’ shoes at home.
  • Interview shoes – in a box. Don’t touch!

See? There is a system.

So….Don’t be shocked, but I am going to try new work shoes for the first time in a decade.

We have met the owner of Akesso.  Bruce has a pretty interesting product and we decided to promote it for him, but after a few weeks of dropping his ads in postsakesso_logotype and around the website, nada! And I think I know why.  You have no idea what they are! So, I am going to wear Akesso shoes for a month and give you updates about the break-in process and how they perform.

So, know this.  I am not going to ruin my rep with you by telling you I adore shoes that I do not like.  If I hate them, you are going to know.  I kind of doubt I will, though.  There was all kinds of science involved in the design of these shoes. They have been tested by healthcare workers, and they were made FOR healthcare workers.  Bruce tells me they are non-skid, supportive, comfortable, and prevent gross, wet body fluids from penetrating.  So that is totally a win. I see his point, but it is going to be hard sell to pry me away from my clogs.  Seriously.    So, when Bruce did his studies, these shoes felt more non-skid and stable to the people who participated.  We can decide if we agree!shoe

Akesso shoes aren’t quite clogs.  You can look at the website here.  There are a bunch of styles and the site is designed really well.  It’s easy to navigate.  Go take a peek and see if you like them.

Also, some of them are really cute.  I will let you know how we are doing in the blogs entitled ‘Akesso Diary’.  Also, he is interested in letting a few of you try out these innovative shoes, so if you are interested send me an email at  Tell me what your specialty is, what your activity is like during a workday, what size shoe you wear, and if work has a dress code that makes you wear a certain color shoes.

I love SCIENCE! 🙂


Janie, the shoe guinea pig.


SMYS20:  this is a 20% discount for SMYS members and a $10.00 donation to SMYS for each pair sold – SMYS20 is good on ALL akesso products.
SMYS30:  this is a 30% discount for SMYS members and a $5.00 donation to SMYS for each pair sold – SMYS30 promo code is good ONLY for white shoes.
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