SMYS Safe Staffing on the Road to DC!

As you may know, we have joined forces with two other nursing organizations for the Rally For National Nurse-To-Patient Ratios on May 12, 2016 in Washington DC.  Let me tell you what this means and what it does not mean:

  • SMYS Road trip! We are going! 
  • Janie Garner is a speaker.
  • We are encouraging all nursing organizations and unions to join us. We would like for them to encourage their members to attend.  If they do not, it will be because they do not wish to unite with us in this way, not because we did not want them involved.  We want to work with all organizations who have a goal of safe staffing for all!
  • We feel that all nurses, regardless of level of practice deserve to practice safely. Just because these particular bills do not mention Long Term Care does not mean we are not committed to staffing ratios in Long Term Care.  It will be done at the state level.  See ongoing discussions in SMYS for Change. <–click
  • We need RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s APN’s, etc to attend.  Nursing students are ESPECIALLY WELCOME .  
  • We will have a special event t-shirt, or you can wear your SMYS one.
  • Bring your Stethoscope!
  • nursesuniteWe need you, your friends, your friend’s friends, your coworkers, your local nursing students, etc to support this event.  I need to know if you are interested in going.  Soon.  Like this week. 
  • Also, we plan on an SMYS Lunch or Dinner while we are there.  Probably at a park with Pizza or something.  We are not fancy.  Also, we don’t have tons of money so it isn’t going to be a fancy place.  🙂

Time to put your money where your mouth is, SMYS.  You in?








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