Update on Flint Baby Formula.

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We have 315.00 toward our goal of 740.00 of 100 quarts of Enfamil.

Almost Halfway! This would be Great!


Or toward our Bonus goal of 1299.76 of 100 Quarts of Enfamil and 72 Quarts of Isomil

This would be AMAZING! 

Show Me Your Stethoscope

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  • Sandy Barkowsky says:

    Does anyone know a formula rep in that area? In louisiana our formula reps would provide the nurses that bottle fed (GASP! How could they??) with formula!

  • Janie Garner says:

    No Idea. We just sent a shipment of Enfamil, next we hope Isomil

  • Jessica Eaton says:

    Wouldn’t it make me sense to buy gallons of water instead? Since the formula is already provided for by WIC. That ready made formula is ridiculously expensive.

    • Janie Garner says:

      The only thing more expensive is shipping the water. We got the readymade for regular price and no shipping.

    • Shelley Thiebeau says:

      The problem with water is that families can choose to use it for other things. This guarantees that babies have formula. The Red Cross and City of Flint are only giving families 1 case of water per day. Bathing, cooking and washing dishes alone require more water than this. The families have to make that trip every day to get the water as well. In a poverty stricken area the transportation alone is not always there. WIC only provides powdered formula for these moms.

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