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You already know that I am impulsive. 

It’s the 9th of February

On February 14th at 8pm CST, I am going to give away a stethoscope.  Deadline for submissions is February 14 at 0001


Show me your FREE Stethoscope

But you have to write something to get it.

500 Words or Less.

Subject line: I LOVE SMYS

Mail to:

Include your Facebook username

You must be a member of the main Show Me Your Stethoscope Group on Facebook. If you are banned for any reason between now and then your prize is a goner.


You must address the following:

  • Why you love being a part of Show Me Your Stethoscope
  • Why you love being in healthcare

AND I get to use any entries I get on the blog!

I LOVE this doc.

I LOVE this doc.



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  • Kristine says:

    I love being in healthcare, I love being a nurse, because I love doing something that matters. Please don’t get me wrong, I know what other people do for a living matters. But I get the distinct pleasure of watching the fruits of my labor come to fruition. Sometimes it’s within minutes, sometimes it takes hours, and sometimes I only get to imagine the results of my labor. But I know that what I do for a living is powerful in the lives of others. Action at just the right moment, teaching things that are so misunderstood, and kindness where it is needed, those are the things that I can provide.

    My response to why I like being a member of SMYS, well it’s almost exactly the same. The potential to make a difference, to join voices with other nurses and do something that actually makes a difference. Here the patient is our healthcare system, how our nation views nurses, and how we look at ourselves even. Because these patients are bigger and much more complex, we rarely see immediate results, but I’m hopeful to see those long term results. Once again we as a group have the opportunity to provide action where it is needed, teaching where things are so misunderstood, and show kindness to so many.

    SMYS has been the place where I have found people that are like-minded in sharing these aspects of my favorite profession, and in moving forward to heal healthcare in this great nation!

  • Pamela Herron says:

    I have been exposed to this field all my life. My grandmother has been a nurse for 50-ish years, my father in EMS first as a Red Cross volunteer driver, then EMT, then medic…for going on 42 years, my brother in EMS as dispatcer, EMT then medic for near 20 years, and I’ve been on a truck for over 12 years myself. I love my craft. To be honest, it’s an addiction. I get to see people at their most vulnerable and take the first steps in fixing it. I love that people trust us to go into their homes and take care of them and their family members. That takes courage, especially today. I came to this group for the opening cause of putting it to those that see it as ok to disrespect an entire industry, and I’ve stayed because, as a whole, I love the people here and that we get to trade ideas, stories, botches, gripes and pictures and even be a shoulder to those that need it. I’ve met some.other autism mom’s and feel absolutely empowered to know when I need advice as a newbie to that diagnosis, someone will have support if not an answer. I love you all! (Even the dusty muffins!)
    Aka… girlyroaddoctor

  • Ramona Gonzalez says:

    I did not choose to go to college to become a nurse. I was created to BE a nurse. I grew up in a broken family, lived in poverty where foreign substances were kept on trays under the couch, lived through multiple father-figures in and out of my life, I stood in line every month for welfare cheese, school shopped at The Salvation Army….Someone might say “What is the correlation? How does this make you a nurse?” My life was always full of “Be thankful for what you have”, “Give to others who have less than you”, “Show compassion for others”, and “Don’t take anything for granted”. I grew up with nothing which somehow cultivated a desire to help those less fortunate because I understood the hardships. I understood how it felt to be humiliated and made fun of while standing in the free-lunch line. I knew what it was like to sit at the county clinic all day standing room only. I get it. I became the protector of the underdog, stood up against bullies, and advocated for what was right even as a young child. When it came time to start deciding on career paths, it wasn’t really a choice. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else except taking care of others and advocating for what is right!!! So, that’s my story!! And simply put, I love what SMYS stands for which is advocating for nurses everywhere, from all walks of life, regardless of creed or color!! And we are standing up for what is right for nurses and patients everywhere!!!

  • Deborah Hotop says:

    Janie, I don’t want a stethoscope. I’d like you to give mine to a new nurse, someone young, and new and enthusiastic. I’m not wearing out, or discouraged or depressed in what I do. In fact, I enjoy what I do every single day. I’ve been a nurse for 26 years and I’m privileged enough to get to work with students and new employees and I think that I’m influencing the next generation of nurses. I’m glad because someday (when I retire) I want to be reassured that someone else is carrying the lamp. As an educator I don’t always use a stethoscope anymore and so I’d like you to give a really great one to a new nurse somewhere, with a hard job that can use the reminder that some of the reason SMYS is together was the joining of like minded individuals, sharing something that has touched our very souls….NURSING.

  • Traci Hart RNC MSN says:

    I have been a nurse for 30 years and would not trade one second of my experience. I knew at the age of 5 this was my calling. I have been lucky enough to be the first one to touch a new human being and to be the last one that holds somebody’s hand. I have taught, been an administrator, worked at the bedside and taken care of friends and family. I could not imagine doing anything else.
    Now I have found a new calling with SMYS. I am working with the southern region leader Vanessa & we had our first conference call last night. I am excited about this group & passionate about what we can accomplish. I have been asked to recruit for the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have jumped at the chance. I want to target students and new nurses so they know there is a place of support for them in this group of wonderful professionals.
    SMYS has provided me not only with entertainment but I have learned many new things. As a nurse, you never stop learning. Janie, I thank you for giving us a voice & I am extremely proud to be a part of this movement.

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