partnershipsSMYS is dedicated to our community of health care workers the world over. Because we wish to promote goodwill, education and assistance to our community members, we’ve partnered with several companies that:

a) offer our members exclusive deals and specials;
b) that helps the admin team cover overhead costs for missions, education, events and website management; and
c) are just plain community-friendly.

We’d like you to meet:

  • Walden University, an accredited institution, has been serving the higher education needs of adult learners.
    The cool thing they’re doing for us: Walden now offers an incredible savings on degree advancement to SMYS members ONLY (email for more info here).
  • Nurse Born Products, which was founded by a nurse, features nurse-developed products
    The cool thing they’re doing for us: Nurse Born is donating part of the profits from choice items to SMYS.
  • akesso shoes, which offers high-quality footwear to the “athlete in scrubs”.
    The cool thing they’re doing for us: SMYS members at great discounts (20-30% off) and donates funds per pair of shoes sold. Use SMYS20 for any product on the site, or SMYS30 for any white shoes on the site.
  • HireNurses, which seeks to promote nurses looking for that perfect position—as well as helping families match up with health care providers.
    The cool thing they’re doing for us: They’re collaborating on a mission to Bangladesh with SMYS, and offering two (2) $500.00 scholarships to nursing students.
  • NurseBuzz, a sister community of SMYS—discussion, opinions and and professional wisdom are welcome here!
    The cool thing they’re doing for us: spreading the good word of unity in nursing!
  • Telenurse Network, a nurse-founded company specializing in remote-access care for patients with both acute and chronic diseases.
    The cool thing they’re doing for us: for every scheduled consult, Telenurse is donating $6.00—so they increase access to health care, and give back to the SMYS community!
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