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By Jalil Johnson, APRN
Feb. 18, 2016

There is overwhelming evidence that safe staffing negativity impacts patient outcomes, nursing care, and nursing staff. This is no secret. Regardless of which side of healthcare we fall on (consumer or practitioner), and regardless of our level of nursing practice, unsafe staffing will affect us all at some point. (continue reading)


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  • Ramona Gonzaez says:

    Your article is so perfectly written Jalil! Thank you for the reminder. I think for so many nurses/techs/CNAs out there, working under extreme conditions has become their norm. Some folks out there just don’t have the energy to fight anymore!! Some have attempted to fight and have been met with resistance and their fire has gone out! I’ve been there in some areas of my life before. I was so tired that all I could do was survive from day to day. It is way past time for those of us who have the energy, with fire in our bellies, to take this torch and forge ahead!!!! I’m ready!

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