Living well is the best revenge

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Littmann Lightweight That’s the link for the rest of you addicts.

Seriously, I was looking this AM and you guys needed Stethoscopes! You also like electronics and toys!

We will make a little money on this, and hopefully the ‘Doctor’s Stethoscope we were all so incensed about will help send people to school for Nursing, BSN Completion, CNA, etc.  So keep heading to amazon via our general link to do your shopping. SMYS Link

As They say….Living well is the best revenge.

In our case, we want more education so our patients live well…. Nearly 300 million people living well is the most awesome thing I can come up with.










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  • Twila Noble says:

    Is there a way to add SMYS Amazon charity link to a wider audience?( As is 800,000 weren’t enough, she says).

    I know I personally have never shopped that way and have a very small family.

    I know people who aren’t in SMYS who routinely do shop that way.

    I was thinking of the implications if we asked all our members to do some kind of request to all their FB friends, especially those who routinely shop that way to push some tab… A money magically appears for scholarships.

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