As I sift through the posts on #showmeyourstethoscope I never know from one minute to another if I will be laughing or crying. You guys are amazing.  I mean, the spam is annoying and I get sick of telling people to be nice to each other, but the group is packed full of talent, compassion, and love overall.  Now it’s just time to ban the sociopaths.  If you think I mean you, back off and take deep, cleansing breaths.

Kindness is something that I truly believe separates the good, competent healthcare provider from the absolutely fantastic one that people remember forever.  When you see a patient in pain, the desire to be the person that makes it go away becomes the most important thing in the moment you are living.  When you see a mother who has lost her baby, you feel physical pain and anguish.  When an elder cries or is angry with you because they can no longer take care of their toileting and nobody visits anymore, your soul cries out.  You may have a flash of annoyance in the moment, because you are caught up with the 14 administrative tasks you have to take care of in the next two hours, but you feel their pain.

You want to provide care, because that is who you are.  How about transferring that to your fellow healthcare professionals?   Everytime someone posts a joke about an imaginary patient, it isn’t a cause for outrage.  You get to vent.  You get to be angry.  You deserve to express yourselves.  While we are a part of a valued and trusted profession, we are human beings. Saying, “I wouldn’t let you take care of my mother” is one of the most hurtful things you can say to a coworker.  Or for that matter, a stranger on the internet.

Nursing has changed from the ‘Doctor’s Handmaiden’ stereotype we had early in the 20th century.  We are so well educated, so independant.  We are SO NECESSARY.  We are the caretakers of a great tradition.  To pass this on to the younger generation is our responsibility.  We are not living in a vacuum. Our actions impact all of those we have contact with.  People RESPECT you.

They respect you with your tattoos, in your traditional white uniform if you choose it, when you curse, when you pray with them, when you have your nose pierced, when you vent, and when you work for a controversial organization. So, let’s stop being all judgey and talk about the real issues, mmkay?

You will notice that the Admins have completely stopped aggravating you about the safe staffing petition.  You aren’t ready to change your world yet, and we respect that.  However, we hope to build a community that allows you to do so.

Be kind, Always.



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