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Sometimes I am so floored by this entire thing that I just flip through posts and cry.

I am mostly leaving names out, if your story is here and you want to have your name mentioned, please comment or PM me on Facebook.

This beautiful girl, with her Nurse Stethoscope.  A Bride from Ohio.


Captioned: Wedding day bling!!!!

This beautiful pediatric OR nurse. I cried when I saw her.


Captioned: Because you can’t save them all.

And some History….


Captioned:  Ensign Jane Kendeigh, a US Navy nurse, was the first Navy flight nurse to reach Iwo Jima after the Allied invasion, March 1945.

Something that came from me that someone liked.  Because, it’s important and it’s my blog! 🙂


Captioned: Janie’s comment today about nurses “eating their young” has been around since I started almost 25 years ago and it’s a sad thing we have in our profession. Here’s a meme I created that gets to the point. Share if you like.

And this…


Captioned: Yes, Because I wanted a new tattoo…. Because of this new page and our newfound camaraderie. Because my mom died after her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 55… But MOST OF ALL…. BECAUSE I LOVE MY CHOSEN PROFESSION! RN, BSN!!!!

This completely amazing gathering for unity.


Captioned: Niagara University School of Nursing faculty and students proudly support the nursing profession and Show our Stethoscopes

Unbelievable Selflessness


Captioned: Hey all my medical friends, any one else use their “doctor” stethoscope on medical missions?? I have been blessed and have been able to go on 13 medical missions from as far as Ethiopia to multiple countries in Central America. Getting ready to go do some GYN surgery in Honduras.

Remembering your mentor


Captioned: This lady was in many of my MA classes, taught me the secret to blood draws using a butterfly needle. Last night she was on a road trip and was in a fatal accident. The Medical Field lost a wonderful woman but heaven gained one heck of a lady. R.I.P

We all know how important coffee is.


Captioned: I was just in Wawa (running late for work) buying large coffee & BC powder (night shift nurse essentials). The lady in front of me asked me if I was a nurse and when I said yes said, “then let me buy your stuff”. She then said that she appreciated all that nurses did for her dad, and that he had wonderful nurses. I hugged & thanked her and will proceed to have a wonderful, albeit I’m late NOC.

The funny and endearing moment she knew nursing was for her.


Captioned: Another post reminded me of a funny story from my childhood. In third grade our teacher had us each write down what we wanted to be when we grew up and why. Then we read them aloud in class and she collected them to put in our end of the year book. When she called my name I stood up and proudly said “When I grow up, I want to be a nurse so I can help hurt people!” The class erupted in laughter and then I realized how my sentence could be taken the wrong way and said “No, no, I mean so I can help people who ARE hurt. Or sick. I don’t want to HURT them.” I was so embarassed but can laugh now.My mom kept that book for years. I hope it is still in the attic today. But I am now an LPN and I will have my RN-BSN next year. Here is a pic on first day of clinical last term proudly wearing my doctor stethoscope to go help my “hurt people”

Helping when unasked. This is not an everyday thing.


Captioned: Quincy Mass. Thought I’d pass it along

Personal stories that make us ‘have stuff in our eyes’


Captioned: Started my medical career at the ripe age of 19. I was a Phlebotomist/Er Tech/Nurse Extern for 4 yrs until I finished my Bachelor of Nursing. I absolutely love my job. Regardless of the student loan S Everyone has a calling and my best friend and boyfriend walked the Heart Walk in WPB FL today after getting 7 stents and a cage in his IVC. I could not be more proud.

More later.

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