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Ok, I know I am a high pressure kind of admin.   It is almost like I want to get everything done immediately.  This is not far off, I am afraid.  I feel like I have been waiting my entire life to do good.  When you go from being a poor old nurse to a nurse with 700,000 friends, you start dreaming big.


My dreams are ridiculous at this point, and they all involve YOU.  We are going to provide scholarships, adopt families, unite nursing, save the world, cure cancer, go on a medical mission, and colonize Venus.  By tax time.

Ok…..maybe a little slower.

Today I got about 10 messages about the Amazon links being thrown around.  At least 4 of them used one word.  ‘monetization’ .  I get that you guys only have to show up here and chat, but a large portion of our members actually want to do good for others.  A larger portion want to make their mark on nursing.  A small but passionate group will do anything they can to further nursing as a profession, and increase the respect and autonomy we deserve.

Guess what group I belong to?

I want to help people go to nursing school, become certified as a CNA, and maybe complete their RN-BSN.  You guys have made it pretty clear that you don’t want to buy shirts or other junk, and you have no desire to pay a buck each for a lifetime membership to a members only website.  I was shocked, but I respect your decision.  We made more money for nebulizers for kids in Bangladesh in an hour than we made on the SMYS go fund me in 2 months. <I find that acceptable, of course>

We have had a hard time gaining support from large businesses.  Littmann dangled a carrot and then stopped returning our calls.

So the Amazon program.   There will be a bunch of Amazon links in the next month at least, because it is a huge shopping time.  There is an opportunity for us to do things that will further our mission.  You already shop on Amazon, so no harm no foul.  Scroll if it is bothersome. Everytime a bell rings at Amazon, we get a few pennies toward our fund.  In aggregate, this will help. I need to help people, because it is good for my soul…..and maybe this one little thing is all about me.





Jackson’s Go Fund me

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  • Linda Hughes says:

    Janie I fully agree – I am retired but still love nursing. I don’t want to WORK as a nurse or a manager any more but I want to make it better for the next generation – I am going to need them!! My daughter is a nurse and my niece is in nursing school. These are the people I work for now. I love mentoring and obviously love shopping on Amazon. Since I am now one of those “fixed income” people I don’t have a lot of money to blow. But as with all things in life – there is money for what is important. I am so proud that this whole revolution was started by someone in my home state of Missouri. It makes me want to come to your house for coffee and talk about the things you have planned. I am proud to be part of this great group !!!

  • Angela Bell says:


    You are a breath of fresh air in my book. I know it is hard especially in a group of this size, to not feel personally attacked when “certain people” make these types of comments. I for one look forward to seeing what you are trying to do. I have ordered the T-shirt, bought an ornament, an have been using the link since you pinned it. There are more of us who know what you are trying to accomplish than the negative ones. I wish you didn’t have to defend yourself and your admins so often but I guess it goes with the growing pains. I will continue to support you and this site, you want to move forward with the idea about $1 for making site better, I am there…I may have missed some things along the way but there are people like me who believe in your vision. I am in school for my RN, who am I gonna hurt by helping myself? Don’t give up and don’t forget you have a friend here in Virginia Beach.

  • Ditto what Angela and Linda said. You amaze and inspire me. I am trying to make a difference at my school, and that’s hard enough. I can’t imagine doing what you do! THIS is walking the walk! Thank you ❤

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