Happy Thanksgiving

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Dear SMYS:

Tomorrow you will celebrate Thanksgiving with your families or your co workers. You will spend time in a relaxed and joyous atmosphere, and perhaps comfort the sick and the dying. You are valuable. The world knows that it could not turn without nurses to heal their loved ones.

This year I believe was a landmark one for Nursing. A ridiculous comment from a talk show host about a lovely nurse with a great story united us against the world. Nowhere else has there EVER been a group of healthcare providers this large. At no other time has there been an opportunity for unity like the one we have created together, in this place.

We have had growing pains aplenty. We have had to fight spam wars, LPN V ADN V BSN wars, and vaccine wars. Getting our members to sign a petition has been difficult. Raising money for scholarships has proven difficult. Essentially, it has all been difficult.

I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

Ok, except for the yacht incident. Or maybe the Hitler incident. I really cannot decide.

Thank you friends, for being here and discussing the world of healthcare with your peers. We are going to change nursing for the better. We will have more offers like the Kaplan deal. We are working on fundraising in different ways to help you perhaps finish that ADN-BSN or get certified as a CNA. We will work on improving your workplace on a state and national level. This will take time, and we will need your help to do it. Changes are coming, but we think they are for the better.

Essentially, I am thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving.

We are ‪#‎nursesUnite‬. We are ‪#‎showmeyourstethoscope‬.


Janie Harvey Garner
Founder of #showmeyourstethoscope

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