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Written after her daughter’s stethoscope was stolen at work.

Funny how we as nurses become attached to a piece of equipment. Expensive piece of equipment? Can be, a Littman sure is, even a basic one. Undoubtedly a necessary piece of equipment. But we spend so much time at work, using it all day, every day, that we grow attached to it. We feel naked without it, but when it’s draped around our necks, we don’t even notice it’s there. I once left for a trip directly after a shift. I drove from work directly to the airport in Tampa and flew to Atlanta before I realized I still had it on- that was pre 9/11 days, or I would’ve felt REALLY stupid. I hope somebody returns Amanda’s scope, I really hope it was just accidental; we all make mistakes. I bet even when Amanda replaces them, her new “ears” feel alien for a while. I for one hung up my burgundy-colored Littman when I became disabled a little over 2 years ago. Now my 19 year old is a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults, and she called me proudly explaining how she learned to check a patient’s vitals. I have thought long and hard about passing the torch, so to speak, but I just can’t do it. My daughter will understand the monetary value of the device, but not the blood, sweat, and tears it has seen. She hasn’t been doing this quite long enough to fully understand. So for now, I’m gonna buy her a basic model- maybe someday I’ll give her mine….maybe….

Andrea Stone

#showmeyoustethescope #returnamandasears #itsnotnicetosteal

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