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Ahhhh, spring. The birds are singing, the skies are blue, and revolution is in the air.

Nurses across the US and around the globe have been burdened with unsafe working conditions that endanger both them and their patients, some have chosen to fight against the worst trend of all workplace trends—doing more with less. SMYS, along with the Illinois Nurses Association, HireNurses, Nurses for National Patient Ratios and A Voice For Nurses Now are working together to host a rally in Washington D.C. to raise awareness for national staffing ratios. With your support, we can work toward keeping our workplaces safe, and our patients safer.¬† How can you help?

  • Tell your health care friends, teachers and students about how unsafe staffing levels increase the number of adverse patient events, up to and including death
  • Also mention that it can increase the number of workplace injuries
  • Invite them to join us in Washington on May 12, 2016—Florence Nightingale’s birthday
  • Or, attend a state capitol event on the same day
  • Wear your convictions! Buy a Staffing Ratios Matter t-shirt—it starts conversations, it financially supports the event in D.C., and it looks absolutely stunning on you.

Get ready to rally! Join us in the fight for reasonable, safe, sane staffing ratios.

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