Flint Michigan – Babies- Lead in the water- What can we do about it?

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Ok SMYS, There is a crisis in Flint, Michigan that I am sure you are aware of.   But if not, click the link to my blog about it.

WIC gives out powdered formula.

Which means the formula has to be mixed with……water. people-in-lead-poisoned-flint-st-750x422

Oh, no.  Not those babies.  Not anymore. They have freaking lead poisoning.  The newborns are now going to, what? Be fed formula full of lead?

Not if we can do anything about it.

Nurses do not let babies drink poison.  All of the families are getting a water allowance, and the nurses at Hurley Children’s Hospital are concerned that it will not be enough.

I found a deal at Walmart.  We can get 100 quarts of ready to feed Enfamil for $742.32 with free shipping.  Orders have to be over fifty bucks to qualify for free shipping.I figured if we all Paypal SOMETHING to SMYSOfficial@gmail.com. If 750 people paypal a dollar as a friend, not a business – We are selling nothing so no fees, We can have it delivered directly to the food pantry ASAP so the poor residents of Flint will not be forced to poison their children.

If we get extra money, we can buy Isomil too

And babies do not go hungry, we get good feels, and I can sleep at night. YAY.

Lead makes you stupid. Flint has enough problems. They are poor, they are trapped, and they are completely dependent on the government that has knowingly poisoned them.

Are you in?







PS: Share this with EVERYONE.  Anybody can get behind not poisoning babies, right?




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