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Hi all! I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our very valuable team members at SMYS.


Meet PJ, Graphic Admin

And she is a ghost..…you have probably never even talked to her.  She is way too busy being a kick-ass hospice nurse and designing graphics for SMYS whenever she is awake and not working.  She is also raising her lovely children, advocating for her patients, and being an active member of her local community.  She is also a fitness and nutrition expert.  Pretty much, PJ is good at everything.  And she is so awesome that you cannot even be annoyed by that.  This is the real deal. She is also a former professional Graphic Designer.  (called out of retirement by….erm….me)

I met PJ when I put out a call for Admin Staff on Day 2 of SMYS.  She was so excited about this organization, and the things she felt could be accomplished by unifying nurses! I was totally blown away.  PJ became admin choice number 5, and then my good friend.  She is completely indispensable.  When I say that SMYS would not exist without her, I am not even kidding.  We would have no brand, no graphics, no money, and no professional shine.

SMYS Logo? PJ.  Rally Shirts? PJ.  Regular SMYS Shirts? Oh…PJ….  SMYS_tm_round

All of the banners and signs and prettiness on the website….

Wait, that’s PJ too.

So what do the rest of us do? 

What PJ Says….or else!

Actually, the rest of us whine things at her like “PJ I need a logo with <this element> by 2:30 today” or “PJ I need a 6 month ONESIE with our logo on it, that’s cool….right?” 🙂

She almost never yells, either.  Even though none of us have any idea what she does, or how long it takes to do it.  

A funny story about PJ and me.  Mostly me being an idiot:

I got bored and decided to make stuff on Zazzle for SMYS.  Pins, buttons, magnets, etc.  PJ was very busy at the time and I was trying to generate revenue for SMYS.  PJ is so traumatized by the absolute junk I designed that she and I never speak of it.  It is a taboo subject.  She turns green and gets woozy.  Because…the fonts don’t match.  The layout and details suck…..and it is simply not up to her standards. She cannot stand for you to own anything with our name on it that is not worthy of you.

So I cut it out.  A LOT.

She did let me design the rally bracelets, because even I could not mess that up.

So When you see PJ Allen-Thomas on the threads, make sure you say hi.  I am not sure you can even imagine how hard she works to give you what you want, and what SMYS needs.  She is my friend, and she is passionate about nursing.  I will always be grateful for her entry into my life.








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  • Dan says:

    Haha. She is not a ghost to me. We love us some PJ at Pulse Medical Staffing. She is the bomb dignity and then some….she did all of our logos and helped us boys at Pulse get the logos and designs done right. She is an asset to our company. And to nurses everywhere and beyond…thx PJ and No she didn’t pay me to say that. Thanks Janie for doing this for all NURSE kind. I got my shirt!

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