We do not Practice Nursing in a Vacuum. Are you a member of your profession or not?

Remember what I said about trips to DC, local safe staffing rallies at your State Capital and such things?

They are important.  For real.  This is what you need to be doing.  You complain a LOT about your working conditions.  I read the message boards.  And for that matter, I have never once in my life met a nurse, CNA, MA, ETC who did not complain about their staffing.  Never.  243c095760309bf3fa5da26efe52056d

So, essentially if you sit there and scowl….and do nothing… You are a whiner.

If you become involved and make a difference, you are an advocate.

Advocate is a harder title to achieve than whiner, but it looks better on a resume.  I am just saying.

So, tell me what it is going to take to get you involved. Are you willing to travel to your State Capital? Are you going to DC on May 12? Are you tweeting for safe staffing on February 27? <-click

OR are you going to sit there and complain, while healthcare organizations use and abuse you? Do you not realize that you hold ALL of the cards here? We are numerous, intelligent, responsible, trusted and DRIVEN.  So drive yourself to the location you need to attend on May 12.

If you live anywhere near DC, that is where I want you.  I will be there, and I will fight for you.  You have to show up to fight for me.  We do not operate in a vacuum.  Everything we do impacts the rest of our profession.  Bring your nurse coworkers, CNA’s, MA’s, imagesNURSING STUDENTS, and all interested parties with you.  We need change, nurses.  Advocate for your patients by advocating for yourselves.  Bring your enthusiasm, your brain, your organization, your passion….

And Your Stethoscope.  

We are here because at the bottom of it all, nurses stand up for other nurses.  We fight like siblings, have awfully strong personalities, and opinions as large as all outdoors.  But we know we only have each other, don’t we? We will never change our working conditions and the dangerous staffing situation our patients are living with every single day unless we stand together.

So, come out on May 12, 2016.  Show the world your Stethoscope.

Show ME Your Stethoscope.

I think you may be surprised how important your voice is.  You matter so much.



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  • Ramona Gonzaez says:

    I am ready!! Trying to rally up some Texas nurses to make the road trip! We need to stop complaining and do something about insafe staffing!! Remember all that PTO sitting in your account that you NEVER use and then risk losing at the end of the year? Use it to make a difference!!!!

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