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By January 17, 2016Nursing

While Show Me Your Stethoscope is mostly a labor of love for me, there are those days….those threads…..and those people. ūüôā

Since day 2, we have asked that Abortion, and Politics not be discussed, except as related to healthcare practice, patient care, and healthcare policy. These topics are not something you are going to change anyone’s mind about during an internet debate. ¬†Since I wanted to have Nurses gathered in unity, I did not feel that these topics were useful. I embrace the fact that we are all different, however many people are unable to do that.

It always shocks me when healthcare people are unable to understand that there are ways of living that do not agree with their philosophy. We are not here to judge, only to understand. 

I digress.heart

Hot button topic #3 is vaccination. I banned all vaccination talk from the group for the first two months, because I refuse to allow a public internet group of the most trusted profession in the world to influence someone to not vaccinate their children. The people who were vehemently anti-vaccination were screaming about it pretty loudly for the first few days, and I simply banned it to focus on unity and protect the public.

About two months ago I changed our rules to allow discussion of vaccination, but to allow only Evidence Based Practice and accepted scholarly works to be presented as facts. While I understand that there are differing opinions about vaccination even among the healthcare community, we only deal in EBP and Research here.

Any advice that a layperson needs about vaccines, including warnings about vaccine injuries are easily obtainable from their PCP. ¬†There are package inserts available in their PCP’s office and all over the internet, and for that matter there are approximately 24 bazillion websites discussing the risks and benefits of vaccines. We are not going to allow people to assume that nurses feel like vaccinations are dangerous. ¬†Period. ¬†I consider it medical advice that disagrees with all accepted research.

I understand that you may disagree with me, and you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. However, we are not going to fight about it here. I am completely supportive of you discussing your opinion in an appropriate internet forum, but this is not one of those.

Also, you should join SMYS for Change to help with real nursing issues in your State and Federal Government







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  • Mica Harris says:

    Thanks Janie!

  • Shana says:

    It is like monitoring the kids at recess or something. Play nice.
    The thing about vaccines is – I think the childhood vaccines that all kids should get, are a completely different thing than the Flu shot and the Gardasil vaccine, neither of which I agree with. BUT I know that that is my Opinion and that doesn’t mean I would try to convince (even if I could) anyone to change their minds about it.
    Kudos to you, Janie for all you do!!

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