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This stethoscope was last used at 5:50am on Friday, February 12, 2016. It was used to pronounce the mom of my best friend of 36 years.
It was never mine but it was used by her husband for a very long time…through a diagnosis of class IV cardiac failure, through a heart transplant and for the last 10 years, through her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.
After it was used to pronounce her, her husband told me to keep it, that he has no use for it anymore. I tried to explain to him that I had my own stethoscope. He told me that I have to use this stethoscope one more time in my life and I immediately knew what he meant. He winked at me and walked away. steth
I have known this man for 36 years, he has yelled at me, punished me (not my dad) and always been who he is and we have been known to lock horns more than once. I sat and prayed with him that morning and cried with him too… These were things I never thought I would do with him.
We buried my best friend’s mom today and today…
I am Showing You My Stethoscope with pride and pain and tears but most of all with LOVE…




Thank you, Cherie for reminding us what that Stethoscope sees. Witnessing the life, the death, the joy, the pain and the everything.

That is who we are.

That is nursing.

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