Party Time….SMYS Style!

By January 13, 2016Nursing

How many people from Show Me Your Stethoscope do you know in real life? Out there in meatspace where the people live?

How would you like to make friends with common interests and a passion for nursing? And, dare I say a passion for CHANGE?

Let’s have a party. download (7)

Our Directors have picked 13 State Ambassadors so far. I am excited about this.  Especially because the SA for MISSOURI has been chosen.  Guess where Janie lives?

Oh…. St Louis.

I challenge our Midwest region and Missouri State Ambassador to schedule a meetup in the St Louis Area.  If you do it, I WILL show up. And I may bring some SMYS Swag.  Maybe.  If it gets here in time.  And you have to wear your stethoscope or I won’t be able to find you, so bring that too. We will take pictures to commemorate the occasion.

What about the other states, you say? Well….

If you have a party with at least 20 members before Missouri has their party with at least 20 members… You will win bragging rights.  And something else I haven’t figured out yet. Because I am organized like that.  

Don’t judge.


The jury is out on who is going to win this one.  😉

So, it’s a race to the first SMYS Meetup.  Who is going to win this one?

No matter what, Nursing will win.






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