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By January 21, 2016Nursing

You know him

That Guy.  Second-To-Last in the ACLS patient scenarios.  He is so famous that there are YouTube videos on how to save him.  He is the bane of experienced critical care staff everywhere.

Omar Bashandi…..or as I like to call him….

  • EVIL Omar.
  • Omar who should be a DNR.
  • Omar-that jerk-Bashandiomar
  • Cannon-Fodder-Omar
  • Omar the time suck
  • Hold my beer Omar.


From Evil ACLS Hell

Nobody likes Omar even a little.  One of our members said that she saved Omar on the first try.  I became so angry that I nearly drove to her house to ask for verifiable Omar transcripts.  Because everyone thinks they are a smart nurse until Omar rears his ugly head.  And groans.


You can’t do a damn thing right when Omar arrests.  And there aren’t enough people. And you fail 2 IV attempts, and the Code Team is never coming.  And you forgot to put the backboard underneath him.  You didn’t dial up the oxygen and you failed the intubation attempt.  And you gave 4 units of vasopressin instead of 40 because of the stupid interface.  And you have a panic attack.  OMAR IS DYING!

And there is nothing you can do.

Because you are understaffed, and Omar is suicidal.  

And the code team shows up AFTER you have been off the chest for so long you are going to fail, killing Omar until you reload the scenario.  Because the American Heart Association wants to take you down a notch.  They HATE you.  They want to show YOU who the best ACLS Certified Nurse is, and it is NOT you.  It’s that chick that tells the poor medic to speed up his compressions in that video.  


And in two years……we will do it all again.

Let’s make #saveomar go viral…lol






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