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I once worked for a company that threatened to fire you if you complained about inappropriate staffing on social media. They did not threaten to solve the inappropriate staffing problem, though.

I know that you are nodding your head right now.  safe staffing

How do you think your company would feel about REAL media? Like calling your local news station and telling them the truth about your staffing situation.  Anonymously. With details.

“My Boss cannot help me because they will just fire HER! “

“I am a telemetry nurse with 8 patients”;

“I am a postpartum nurse with 5 couplets”;

“I feel like this is an unsafe situation but if I complain about it I will lose my job, and If my Boss complains about it he will lose HIS job!”

I bet they would really love that. And nothing is written down or posted to Facebook.  All within the rules. No Problem, Boss!

How about supporting a whistleblower’s act for ALL licensed healthcare providers? Especially those in LTC, where no real protection is offered, the facilities are largely for-profit, and our elders are neglected based on money-grubbing policies by greedy owners. And our healthcare staff works themselves to death to treat these people decently.  Make real guidelines that will force these owners to allow staff to take care of the elders the way they deserve to be cared for.  Not simply reporting to your state’s elder abuse hotline and being blown off because the bare minimum, inadvisable staffing level was met.

golden-whistleblowerHow about that, carers? Would you be interested? I don’t work anywhere near an inpatient environment and I am interested.

Does anyone know of such legislation that may be pending? Does anyone have experience writing legislation who would like to help?

Let me know.


If you make the rules in your state, and you feel like the systematic warehousing and neglect of our elders and disabled is the way to go, and you censor the very people who are licensed to take care of them by refusing to protect them, know this:


I am coming for you. 






SMYS for Change is Right here.  Join, Advocate, Unify. 


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