Nurse Faces Retaliation for protecting patients – Part 2

In which the writer asks for support from the medical community.

We are all shocked and appalled by this situation, and yet some of us are probably still afraid of what will happen if we stand up for this nurse. I am not afraid.  I know that it nursing-culture-rulescould be me next time.  This is the time to do something about LTC facilities who think it is acceptable to put one of us in a completely dangerous situation, and then fire us and/or blackball us when we advocate for our frail patients.

I need assurances that you are ready to #DoSomethingChangeSomething 

  • Show up at the physical location in Iowa to protest
  • Iowa Residents: Write letters to your legislators
  • Everyone else, write letters to Iowa’s equivalent of Health and Senior Services. Make Phone Calls.  Make noise.
  • When the actual facility comes out, write letters and make phone calls to the corporate office and/or facility.  POLITE and PROFESSIONAL calls and letters
  • Notify local Iowa Senior Citizen organizations that this has occurred. We do not want them to pick the wrong LTC facility or company.  WE must protect the public, since it is obvious these healthcare organizations are not going to do so.
  • Notify nursing organizations that they should discourage their members from working for this company.  This is not a place to risk your license.

I will also need to know how many people I have within driving distance of Des Moines, or willing to travel to the Des Moines area on a weekday.

Shift-Report-calloutThe bottom line here is, we are going to have someone in our lives impacted by dangerous and poorly thought-out staffing plans in long term care.  It could be a nurse, but it also could be a frail elderly family member.

Your grandmother? Your best friend? You?

We have absolutely no power by ourselves.  We must be united in this.  Nurses have been told to do dangerous things for the benefit of healthcare organizations for literally decades.  Where does it end?

It can end with you.  Here and now. Let this situation be the beginning of the end of the abuse of your coworkers. 













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  • Richard Harman says:

    SMYS and Stand Up For Change, for Safe Staffing, for Your Patients, for Your Peers, for Your License!

  • Melissa Brown RN says:

    I am more than ready, Janie. Although I can’t travel to Iowa, I will do whatever is necessary. Both the nurse AND the elderly in Iowa deserve and need our protection. Count me in.

  • Ramona Gonzaez says:

    I will get online and submit a whistleblower report to the local newspaper. Do you know the name of the facility? If they receive a handful of concerns, I’m sure they would respond!!!!

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