Calling all Nurses – You should be friends

By January 8, 2016Nursing

I know that some of you wound up on Show Me Your Stethoscope because a friend invited you. Have you invited your friends? Have any of your friends left SMYS because things were not yet serious? Time to invite them back. 

We need your very best friends here; Especially the ones who want to become involved with advocating for this profession. SMYS For Change is waiting for you and your coworkers to get involved with policy change, education, and unity. We are the grassroots revolution of healthcare and our first large event will be in May. I will need commitments by February and your behinds in chairs at your State Capitol in May. 

Speaking of friends, it is time to begin the movement toward unity.   

 A message to my new State Ambassadors: Time to start getting us together in person! SMYS meet ups can happen almost immediately. You just have to meet somewhere, wear your stethoscope, and have fun with your new friends from SMYS! Take pictures for me! I cannot wait to meet you! 
And if your area is St Louis, Missouri I may even see you there. 



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