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By January 13, 2016Nursing

When I look around at who is involved with SMYS for Change, I wonder about the people who are NOT involved.  We have a ton of dynamic, intelligent, and caring people who want to impact nursing in a positive way.  Where is everyone else?

You may not realize this, but hospitals are terrified of informed nurses.  They want educated nurses for Magnet status.  They want RN’s instead of LPN’s because of reimbursement. So, if you stay on your couch and don’t go to any nurse-centric events, you are working for them.  You are staying uninformed and continuing to provide them with additional revenue while they provide you with what?

  • A Job?  No….you have that RN or LPN job based on your own merit.  You worked your butt off for that license.
  • A Calling? No, if you feel called to nursing, you will still feel that way if your hospital is properly staffed and safe.
  • Self Worth? Do you think you must suffer to be worthy of caring for people? When you are an advocate for your patients and refuse to take unsafe assignments, you are the embodiment of nursing.WW

These are falsehoods. You do not need them at all. There are a million employers.  They need you.  And to clear up another myth, you are not being a team player when you take an unsafe assignment. Quite the contrary.  You are perpetuating the cycle of this foolish and irresponsible behavior instead of advocating for patient and staff safety.

Are you a member of Nursing or not?

We are members of a profession.  We have a responsibility to that profession to keep its reputation intact.  We have a responsibility to advocate for and advance that profession. What are you doing to accomplish that today?  Today, I wrote a blog to get nurses across the country to meet each other and share ideas.  My team and I returned several calls and emails to engage in partnerships to advance this group, and to hopefully advance this profession.  We did this because we feel as though we owe it to nursing to make it safe for nurses and patients alike. There is no personal gain involved.  Heck, I am a federal employee.  Any legislation that gets passed probably won’t even impact me. However, I am a passionate advocate for the profession that saved my life. 

Don’t let your hospital scare you away from the grassroots revolution of healthcare.  SMYS for Change is right here when you want to join.   If I were you, I would make it sooner rather than later.  This train is headed out of the station.  Be on it.









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  • Karla Mees says:

    i want to be on this train!

    • lisanem57 says:

      Another great blog, thanks Janie. I also wonder why nurses have not united; complacent, scared, too busy with ttheir lives? Due to lack of nursing leadership actions have occurred that make me shake my head. For example, where was nursing leadership when Magnet status included only BSN nurses? Now, many Magnet status hospitals use non clinical people to pass meds but couldn’t and shouldn’t a LPN or ADN/diploma nurse do this? Do hospitals that choose to use non clinical staff for previous nursing functions really save money? I think not. I strongly believe that there is a significant place in healthcare for all nurses regardless of the letters after their names. I believe even stronger that without strong nursing leadership nurses, our profession is in danger of becoming not what it should but what corporate America wants it to be. We need a Ghandi. At the very least we need every nurse on this site to get involved.

  • Janie, I am honored and thrilled to represent north Florida as an ambassador for SMYS. You have my word I will do whatever it takes to support the mission of SMYS, both in Florida and nationally. I actually cried when I saw I had been appointed. Okay, tears over. Let’s GO!

  • Alene Nitzky says:

    Long overdue, this is the way nursing needs to go if we ever hope to drag it out of the 19th century mindset. I believe in Fighting dinosaurs!

  • Sean.Dent says:

    OK… you’ve piqued my interest.

    I’ve joined other ‘show me your stethoscope’ FB groups.. (there are a few of them out there) with great disappointment. Most of these groups (in my humble opinion and singular personal experience) are not out to share positivity, not out to elevate our profession or improve our presence. The groups I’ve seen are only out to yell louder, complain and finger point… oh and share the latest ‘meme’.

    I’m eager to see if your group is different. Your words are very encouraging. I’m always excited to connect with nurses who have the same vision and goal as I do.

    Thank you for having the courage to step outside the norm.

  • Naomi Morse RN says:

    All of this is for nothing, without a license. We are trying to reach out to nurses and tell them about states that are absolutely corrupt, AZ is one.
    also a site to go with this is
    How many nurses know that a anonymous board complaint , they can pull all of your medical records , put what meds your on , on the internet, put on the www under a NP name “he is a sexually active gay male” bring in extranged relatives , ex husbands, nasty neighbors , to testify , about personality issues. order you to have a psych eval because you talked fast then talked slow, bring up any family member you dont get along with. there is so much more, most nurses who have worked for years have no idea this stuff is going on.
    take your case to court, where it has already been decided before it starts.
    they trying making a case, acting as a gatekeeper to who gets a license, and who doesnt , but the fact you speak up .

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