A New Year for Nursing

By December 31, 2015Nursing

Is your resolution to lose weight or exercise? Are you going to quit smoking? Are you going to save money, make time for you, or spend more time with your kids? Wonderful!2016

I want us to commit to making a resolution as a profession. It’s an easy one.  You probably think I want you to retweet all of my tweets, share all of my blogs, support safe staffing, and donate your money to scholarships.  While none of these would be unwelcome, they are way less important than the commitment I want you to make.

Part of the reason that nurses cannot get anything done is that we are not united in any way.  You are treated badly in your workplace and you want to feel valued.  You want to know everything so you can be respected. This is not going to work.  Sometimes you UNDERVALUE your coworker so you can feel more valued.  This is dangerous to the profession.  It is unprofessional.

It is unkind. You are being unkind.

We are better than this.  Steelworkers, autoworkers, journalists, and actors…. they have all been able to unite.  Why not us? Why is it impossible for us to value each other? 

This is the resolution I want you to make:


I do not know who wrote this, but I hope he or she gets to see this happen in 2016. Will you commit to help us take this small step toward unity?

Share with the nurses you know, and with nurses you don’t know.  Print it out and put it on your break room wall.

Do it.  For you

For us.


Happy New Year





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  • Joan Stanfill says:

    Amen. I love it and we all need to do this everyday. Thank you Janie for saying this and encouraging us do always do and be better.

  • Kristie Abbott says:

    That would be a blessing if it happens. It gets old listening to people that have nothing nice to say about co-workers. Thank you Janie for doing a job that is difficult with a small amount of people.

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