Criminally Dangerous Understaffing – blame the nurse

An LPN left her job in LTC last week due to unsafe staffing. I am sure this does not surprise you.  However, read on.

  • She was scheduled overnight shift 11-7 as the only nurse for the entire facility
  • There were only two CNA’s and in excess of 75 residents. I am not telling you the exact number so it is not identifying info.

The facility consisted of the following units:safe staffing

  • A locked down behavioral unit
  • A locked down memory care unit
  • and TWO skilled nursing halls
  • She addressed the staffing issue with the DON and ADON and was told she would have to help the aides with their work and make sure she still got all of her work done as well.
  • She left because this was a risk to her license and her emotional health. Since quitting she has found out the DON reported her to the state for shift abandonment.
  • She reported off to another nurse who was on the preceding shift and agreed to stay, and did not abandon her shift.

She won’t talk to me publically.  I cannot even tell you what state she is in.  Because she is terrified of being blackballed and losing her license.  

And Chris Christie VETOED a bill for safe LTC Staffing in New Jersey. (<—click there to read about it)  Like the owners of these facilities don’t need to be regulated.  Like they can even be trusted to pay their employees without state regulation.  Like they would even provide a Nurse and 2 CNA’s if they could even possibly get away with one untrained staff member they could pay minimum wage. 

Want to hear my theory? I bet the Director Of Nursing was told that she MUST report this nurse to the Board of Nursing to keep her job.  She knew how bad that staffing level was.  Nurses do not wish for patients to be neglected.  I-think-ones-feelings-waste-themselves-in-words-Florence-Nightingale-quotes

When are you getting on board with us to help change these dangerous practices? Click HERE to join SMYS For Change and become part of the solution.  Your Grandmother may be the next resident of that LTC facility.  Or your uncle who is afflicted with schizophrenia. How good do you think the care is? How can you even hold your head up if you do not get behind your profession to change these egregious practices?




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  • Laura says:

    Amen Janie. This is atrocious and Mr Christie should have to live there 🙁

  • Peg farrar says:

    That nurse needs to talk to her State Board, as she did NOT abandon the patients. The State Board may well be able to help with improving the staffing by getting other agencies involved.

  • Barbara Creamer says:

    Patient’s families need to file criminal charges against the CEO of the corporation that owns the nursing home. It is absurd to hold the powerless nurses responsible for staffing decisions made by the greedy owners.

  • Lisa wagnet says:

    I pulled my mother out of a nursing home in my town. She went for 2 weeks of rehab. She was only there 3 hours. I was with her for over 2 hours. I left went to the store and got a call to say I needed to sit with her all night as she was confused and may not be there in the morning. They had 1 nurse and a CNA and couldn’t watch her. Needless to say we left ama. Now she lost her home health aid and in home PT. She was on antibiotics and they wouldn’t even share which antibiotic. She was getting. Sad but true story.

  • Barbara says:

    i am a nurse in a facility where we are short staffed on a routine basis but staffing looks wonderful on paper but never that way in real life all management positions have nurses in place but they never come to staff the floors we all seem to forget that it is the pts that suffer and the staff that is faitful is abused by management what is wrong with the medical world now i was blessed with the calling to become a nurse but after years of nursing wonder where the profession is headed no commitment anymore it is scary to go to work now for many

  • Wendy Drys says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Janie!! I hope this LPN reads this and realizes there are more than 700,000 of us who stand in support of what she did. I also hope this LTC facility realizes we are ready to battle them in support of our fellow nurses and patients everywhere. Times are changing and we will no longer live in fear of retaliation. Janie is helping all of us to find our voice and it is going to be loud and clear!!

  • Dina Rasor says:

    I am an investigator who has worked on nursing home fraud for years helping staff and families for decades. Cheating on nursing and CNA hours are grounds for a qui tam False Claims Act case that has excellent whistleblower provisions and the the whistleblower recovers a percentage of the money recovered by the government. I do cases with some top drawer attys.

    If you think you have evidence of cheating on nursing or CNA hours, email me at Total confidentiality and I will review your information to see if you have a case and give you advice on whether you have a viable case.

  • Linda Doty says:

    I retired after 42 years as a RN. Would love to go back and work part time in long term care as I know the need is there and I am healthy. But do not want to work in those conditions that I am sure exist everywhere! Something has to change! Our seniors and medically I’ll are getting short changed and it is not the licensed staff’s fault. Something has to be done! Our boards and associations have to be the ones to make a difference as the lawmakers and the homes are not going to do it.

  • Dean Monahan says:

    As a patient I suffered through this a at local hospital!
    Luckily I was ambulatory and could address some my needs!!
    It’s depressing waiting for a nurse for over 30 mins to show up after hitting the call button to come and say she will return!!
    I’ve waited over 2 hours for medication that I needed!!
    And at a shift change forget about it!!
    Criminal wonder how many people suffer irreversible consequences from this under staffing!!
    Most nurses I had were superb !!
    And I’d like to thank all nurses and NA’s who by the way are also under staffed!!

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