Nursing around the World. What is everyone else doing?

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I am collecting information from SMYS Nurses and other sources about how nurses are viewed in other countries.  I am also interested in practices, level of education for nurses and support staff, etc.  I can get this information from the ANA website, but I am looking for personal stories.


The Netherlands

To help, here are a few things I would love to know:

  • Educational level for all ‘types’ of nurses in your country.
  • Educational requirements for support staff, if any
  • Things that are in your scope of practice but seem to be absent in the US, or the reverse.

Views and practices on controversial subjects such as:

  • nurse drug addiction,
  • patient restraints
  • the right to refuse
  • health care privacy
  • vaccination
  • mandatory overtime
  • unions
  • safe staffing
  • Do your nurses work for private organizations or the government?


More Filipino Nurses! ICU!

Filipino Nurses! ICU!



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