Post-Christmas Promises

By December 26, 2015Health

 So, Christmas is over and the end of the year is nigh. Time for a useless New Years resolution or six.

Not this year. I have had the opportunity to observe a whole lot of people during the final quarter of this year. I am not going to sit down and make some ridiculous list that will become completely overwhelming in a week. I am going to do something for Janie. This is unprecedented.

I am going to change one thing. Starting today I am going to spend 30 minutes a day being active. Preferably outside. I am not going to spend money on a gym or yoga pants. I am not buying any videos or diet products. I am just going to try to raise my heart rate for 30 minutes.

Who wants to do this with me?

Nurses are a pretty unhealthy bunch sometimes. We are exhausted by the time we get home, and it appears that running around like your behind is on fire all day at work does not count as exercise. We order takeout. We work weird hours and sleep during the day.  There are cookies in the break room.

So, ONE thing. One manageable thing to be just a little healthier this year.

Even I can do this.



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