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[box]Let’s say you are on the SMYS Mission to Haiti with NO Cardiologist anywhere for a few hundred miles. [/box] 
Your patient presents with dizziness and shortness of breath upon exertion, transient chest pain, and fatigue.  There is a 12 lead EKG available which shows normal sinus rhythm, and no ST elevation, but there is T-wave inversion in the inferior leads. The patient complains of dizziness during the EKG, with no exertion and no dysrhythmia.  He has no pain at the moment.
You hear SOMETHING when you listen to the heart, but you are not sure what it is because you have never heard it before.  You have nothing to compare it to, and neither does anyone else at this remote Haitian outpost.  It is not a normal heart sound, and that is all you can be sure about.
What do you do? 
There is no Cardiologist. Transporting every patient with these symptoms is just not an option.  These people are poor, and emergency care is a precious resource.  For that matter, is this sound an emergency? Is the patient having a bit of atrial fibrillation, but transient and with an overall low burden? Or is there something structurally wrong with the heart? Are those sounds you are hearing the classic auscultatory finding of Mitral Valve Prolapse; a mid-to-late systolic click followed by a late systolic murmur? Does this person need a Cardiac Cath, an ECHO, an aspirin regimen, or a wait-and-see?

You don’t know. How do you find out? Turn to the Eko Core!

So, what is this thing? The Eko Core Digital Stethoscope is the first & only FDA-approved digital stethoscope on the market to let clinicians amplify heart & lung sounds 40X, wirelessly sync to the HIPAA-compliant Eko Mobile App, visualize, record, save sounds, and forward them on for a second opinion. 

Why is it important? The Eko Core Digital Stethoscope is bringing the stethoscope into the 21st century. Now clinicians can hear heart & lungs sounds more clearly, and get support from their team across the hospital or across the globe. The sounds can also be integrated into the EHR and monitored over time for better consistency of care. The Eko Core and Mobile App is being used in cardiology, newborn screenings, pediatric cardiology, teaching, telemedicine, low-resource care, and primary care by clinicians at hundreds of institutions across the country including Harvard, Mayo Clinic, UCSF, and more.

This is what a 21st century stethoscope looks like!

This is what a 21st century stethoscope looks like!

There are two versions of the Eko Core:

    • 1. “Eko Core Attachment” ($199) attaches onto the regular stethoscope you already have! It attaches to almost all known stethoscope brands such as Littmann, Welch Allyn, ADC, and Ultrascope. You can digitize your own stethoscope!
    • 2. “Eko Core Bundle” ($299) includes the Eko Core Attachment pre-attached to a cardiology-grade stethoscope. Just take it out of the box, and it’s ready to go.

Impact on global health: The Eko Core Digital Stethoscope can be used to improve access to specialty care to billions of patients in low-resource countries around the world. Take Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere with the highest rate of maternal & infant mortality. Eko is used by clinicians in rural clinics there as a relatively inexpensive tool for cardiopulmonary screenings and to secure specialist second-opinions. It can even be live-streamed. Recently, a Nurse Practitioner in Haiti used an Eko Stethoscope to wirelessly send heart sounds to a Cardiologist for a consult…who happened to be on a cruise at the time. Check out the article on it here here.  How awesome is that?

And this company is so cool they are partnering with Show Me Your Stethoscope by providing Eko stethoscopes for our Mission Trips!! 

  • And….Visit www.ekodevices.com for more info and use discount code SMYS2016 at checkout! Members get a $15 discount, AND Eko will donate $15 for every order to the SMYS Foundation. 


Apparently people love this thing…. Check out the awards and recognition.

TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2015

New York Times

Washington Post



Let me know if you like it!



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