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A Nurse you probably know from around Show Me Your Stethoscope was fired for refusing to take an unsafe assignment.  Actually, she was allowed to ‘resign’.  How would you like to take care of 43 Long Term Care residents, most of which were 2+ assists, all by yourself?Nursing-Home-Staffing

Yeah, me neither.  So she was out of a job for a few weeks.

She is a single mother with no savings account.  One paycheck from poverty.  But for the grace of God go I.  When I was a single mother I often felt helpless, and scared.  I constantly feared what would happen to my life, and my baby if I got sick or hurt.  I was literally one paycheck from poverty.  If I was ill, how would I take care of my beautiful Alex? It haunted me.  Luckily, I had family support in my parents and sisters, and nothing awful ever happened.  Except that one time that Alex sprayed Clorox Cleanup over my open contact lens case and I simultaneously burned the cornea epithelium in both of my eyes.

But that is for another day, and he was only four so we won’t blame him.1465166_10205434744253504_7538822156219905559_n

And this nurse was going to lose all of her utilities, and her new job in home care because her license plates expired last week. She has a small child.  He is her entire world.

So because you donated your hard-earned money to Alex’s Sunshine Fund, we were able to give this mom and nurse a few hundred dollars that will prevent her child from going without electricity and water.  It will allow her to keep her job, and resume her most important responsibility – providing for her little boy.

Alex was killed in 2011 at the age of 17 by a distracted driver. It was horrible, and violent.  He was terrified and in pain when he died.  If I am honest, I still spend every single day trying to live through this. Honoring my son in this way is the greatest gift the members of SMYS have ever given me.

It is a small amount of money, but it meant the world to her. It would have meant a lot to Alex to be able to help this family.

Please continue to donate to Alex’s Sunshine Fund by clicking here. The original post about the fund can be read here.


Thank you for everything.



Alex’s Mom884591_10200989480644692_152753694_o








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