A kidnapping. Nothing left to do except assign blame.

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I had an eventful day on Wednesday.enhanced-21683-1394583643-2

First my flight was delayed and my connecting flight was rendered useless.  SW Airlines told me I would have to wait and get to DC at 11pm. You know, after all of the pre-rally events were over.  I spent some time pleading my case to a completely disinterested customer service representative who told me I had a bad attitude. Because everyone should be thrilled when the event they have been planning for months goes completely awry.  What was I thinking?

So after the crew of SMYS started a social media storm, SW Airlines was able to get me on a direct flight to Baltimore. Yay Southwest!  Not ideal but workable. I BARELY made it to the airport, and the door to the plane was closed almost directly behind me when I boarded.  SW Airlines sent me a happy tweet when I checked in!

Then mother nature had her way, and we had a hailstorm; necessitating a hail inspection prior to takeoff.  I was sitting between two gentlemen who liked to sit with their legs spread apart, and I was all scrunched up in the seat. One of them pulled out an empty cool whip container now filled with some disgusting smelling vegan concoction. How Do I know he was vegan? Do you need to ask? He told me as soon as I sat down.

Unpleasant flight or not, I landed in Baltimore with enough time to get to the pre-rally event! YAY!

And then, j squared happened.  

The Jen squad, (Jennifer Lombardi Story and Jennifer Layer) picked me up at the airport approximately 90 minutes after I landed.  I suspect they were lost.  The reason I suspect this is because Story was driving.  If Layer was navigating there is no way they drove directly to the airport.  Layer had been up for nearly three days, and then DROVE to DC.  Don’t worry, people from the southeast.  We are making sure she sleeps prior to the return trip.  We are all about your safety.  These two were so slap-happy they gifted me with something from the mini-bar in their room.  I will not completely describe it since this blog is NOT for mature audiences only, but please be advised that ‘ribbed for her pleasure’ was included on the packaging. And, ‘batteries not replaceable’

It was at this point I discovered that we had to pick up Julie Sierra from Ronald Reagan Airport.  OK…..not what I expected at the time, but OK! We would just be a few moments late.  Except that SOMEONE in the car was navigating and tried to take us to Dulles.  After about an hour and a half drive, I looked around and went “Jens, I haven’t been to DC in 25 years but this is NOT the way to Ronald Reagan airport! you are taking us to Dulles!”

At this point, we had a change in personnel.  Someone named Layer was fired from her position as Navigator.  Mistakes had been made, and we are nurses.  The only thing left to do was assign blame! Cv

Jay retrieved from the airport, we drove through a McRestaurant and hastened to the venue.  Now good and late, but in time to meet a whole lot of people.

And they were lovely people.

And the Jen Squad saved me from Baltimore.

And I got to meet Jalil Johnson in person for the very first time.

And we had a great rally.  But that is for another blog. 🙂








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Spreading the Gospel of Ratios

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ZDoggMD, representin’.

Huh. Who knew staffing ratios were a big deal?
Oh, right. WE DID.

Nurses everywhere have taken up the call—staffing ratios impact the care and safety of our patients, and keep the profession from burning out and getting hurt on the job. Even a certain Dogg knows it. (See Z-DoggMD’s AMA here.)

(ZdoggMD is on fleek in our Staffing Ratios Matter shirt. Get one here.)

We’re waking up and ready to destroy the current paradigm: doing more with less. SHENANIGANS, Y’ALL. All chronic understaffing has done is increase the rates of morbidity and mortality, and decreased professional satisfaction—which means fewer nurses stay at their jobs…which means fewer nurses are at work…which leads to more injury and infection. Instead of the Circle of Life, it’s the Spiral of Disaster.

Let’s tell our administrators, CEOs and legislators what we know to be true. Are we cool with staffing ratios that endanger patients, decimate the health care worker population and and ultimately increase cost of care? NOPE.


Kelsey R. of She knows what’s up!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Tell your health care friends, teachers and students about how unsafe staffing levels increase the number of adverse patient events, up to and including death
  • Also mention that it can increase the number of workplace injuries
  • Invite them to join us in Washington on May 12, 2016
  • Or, attend a state capitol event on the same day
  • Share this press release with your colleagues, coworkers and friends:
  • Get the Staffing Ratios Matter Shirt & rock that thang! It’s the Little Shirt that Could. It’s everywhere, and it’s back on sale. Order here.
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Show Me Your Stethoscope Networking Social – 5.12.16 Washington DC 4-6pm. Limited Tickets Available

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Click here to register. 


Washington DC!

Monuments, museums, the seat of our government…. History practically oozing out of the buildings.  The Ford Theatre…

Nurses raising awareness of Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios.

After a hard day of talking to your legislators and listening to awesome speakers (and me) why don’t you come and relax at the Show Me Your Stethoscope Meet and Greet Reception?!  Rally attire is fine, or business casual if you want to change.

The event will be held two blocks from the Capitol building at….The Stanton Loft at Stanton & Greene

There will be..

  • Prizes
  • A Raffle
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Cash Bar
  • Networking
  • An opportunity to be part of something AWESOME for nurses!
  • Camaraderie
  • A GORGEOUS venue
  • And your favorite Show Me Your Stethoscope leadership, and SMYS personalities! 🙂

Naturally, we are subsidizing it so it is affordable.  $15.00 tickets, payable in advance so we can get an accurate headcount.  Kelsey Rowell from yourheartismine has been talking to companies all over the country to get prizes for you guys! I hear we have some great stuff…including..

See you there!





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I only wanted to see you Laughing in the Purple Rain

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Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life….

Today I got a little sentimental about Prince.  Or whatever symbol he was for that crazy period of time. Prince was one of the huge artists from my childhood, and maybe yours as well? Or maybe you are a new grad and your MOM listened to Prince.  Either way.  Prince is awesome.  Was.  SADNESS! My sister had a poster of him tacked to the ceiling and now he is dead.  prince

And way too young, I would like to add.

This is going to be a pretty short blog.  I was singing Purple Rain this afternoon, like half the planet.  I got teary over the Google Doodle….and had to listen. Then I got to the part of the song that goes like this…

Honey, I know, I know
I know times are changing
It’s time we all reach out
For something new, that means you too

news-0416-prince-600x400Maybe it applies to all of us.  It’s not like I am taking a song from 1984 and making it some mystical thing…. I just thought that it was relevant to us.  Because it IS time that we all reach out for something new. Unity. The old, awful lines that divide this profession are so destructive.  And for that matter, the old arguments that divide this nation should be relegated to ancient history.  These fossils which prevent change in our profession need to die.  Let it start with you. End the racism, sexism, destructiveness, divisiveness, persecution, general ridiculousness and cruelty with you.  Do not perpetuate everything that is wrong just because it has always been done this way.

Let change start with you.  


I will leave you with a quote from my favorite Prince song. It seems extremely appropriate to nurses:

Why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like when doves cry.






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