When A Mystery Outbreak Strikes, Who You Gonna Call?

By May 4, 2018Blog, Public Health

NPR’s Morning Edition did a fantastic report on a mysterious disease outbreak in Liberia that was spreading rapidly and was potentially deadly.  Read the excerpt below:

In April 2017 about 150 people had gathered for the funeral of a Christian minister in the small port city of Greenville, Liberia, in West Africa. The memorial spanned April 21 and 22 and included a wake that extended late into the night of the first day.
Just one day after the minister was buried, ten people arrived at the local hospital violently sick. Most of them were vomiting and had severe stomach cramps. Some had diarrhea as well. A few ran a fever, but most did not.
The symptoms came on rapidly.
But it was unclear what the patients were suffering from.
What was clear was that it could be lethal.

Head on over to the NPR Morning Edition website to read the rest, and see how they figured out what the disease is and how they figured it out, but before you do comment below with what you think it could be!

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