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An 86-year-old Florida man said he killed his wife while she slept because she was in poor health and he could no longer afford her medications, according to an arrest affidavit.murder

William J. Hager of Port St. Lucie said he had been thinking about killing his wife Carolyn for several days because she was in pain. After Hager shot his wife Monday morning, he went to his kitchen and drank coffee, called his daughters and later dialed 911.murder (1)

“I want to apologize I didn’t call earlier. I wanted to tell my kids what happened first,” detectives quoted him as saying.

Hager faces a first-degree murder charge.”

Ok, so this happened.  

What the hell is going on in this country? Where is the disconnect? The elderly should not have to go without their medications because of money! Is this a case of the medicare doughnut hole? Did this guy not know that he could ask drug manufacturers to give him discounted medication for his wife? Was the PCP unaware of the situation?

Didn’t it occur to him to go to a hospital and tell them he felt like he wanted to kill his wife? Was he mentally ill? Couldn’t he call his daughters and ask for help?

This man is 86 years old and will spend the rest of his life in prison.  waldenu_minitype

And if he is telling the truth, he shot his wife to put her out of her misery.

I am ill. Seriously.






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  • Annie Gudenrath says:

    Not sure of history here, but buried my elderly MOMMA last fall after sudden onset horrific hip pain. DX ADAVANCED Multiple myeloma with many crumbling frax. If I hadn’t been there to manage her pain am certain she would hv ended her life.
    Likewise, my hasband,s parents are 91 and 90 yrs. Dad suffers from dementia and would most assuredly end Moms life as her pain from bilat breast CA WOULD BE OUT OF CONTROL if she wasn’t managed in an assisted living facility with our oversite.
    For sure, drug costs are an issue and must be controlled somehow, ESP for our elderly. But it seems in many families for a variety of reasons, if no medical person in family, terrible things happen…I am sickened also.

  • Patricia Ann Hoffman says:

    There is a serious disconnect between the reality of life for everyday Americans and the heartless lawmakers of this country. Our nation has been bought out by the oligarchs – they like to refer to themselves as the “Owner Class”. This is what happens when we think we can rely on our elected officials to do the right thing. Sorry Charlie, they’re too busy raising millions of dollars just to get re-elected. We must do our civic duty by participating in elections and by doing what we are doing @ Show Me Your Stethoscope – getting involved!
    Can you imagine how different that scenario would have been if only more nurses were elected to political office? I am struggling to try to help one of my children deal with depression. Trying to navigate this healthcare system is – excuse me – a fucking nightmare! It’s heartbreaking to watch someone you love so much struggle with their own mental health when they don’t have insurance – especially here in Florida. If that asshole governor of ours would just accept the federal funds that were offered to our state, that poor woman would have gotten her medication through Medicaid, her husband wouldn’t be in jail for murder, and last but not least, my child might be suffering a little less right now. God I despise that man!

  • Molly Pritchett says:

    This saddens me. I am sure watching his wife of many years suffer as she did without proper care drove him crazy and saddened him. But how do we know they, together hadn’t thought of this plan? I by no means, condone his actions, but we need to do something in this country to give elderly people an option other than suffering and suicide. We are one of the few developed countries that do not care for or respect our elders. It seems we hang them out to dry after a certain age and encourage them to die bc everything is taken away from them or made so expensive they can’t get certain meds or care. America needs to wake up.

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