I am amazingly excited! I got to speak to Dr Kislu Kabir today.  We have started to hammer out details for the trip, and so far we have talked about the following:

  • He wants 12-20 people and students are welcome.
  • Our main mission in Bangladesh will be education.  Nursing is quite primitive in this country, and their “Minister of Health” (Not the real title, it is essentially the equivalent of our surgeon general) is interested in expanding nursing practice and education.  This is a wonderful opportunity to improve healthcare globally.  Documentation is one of the topics we will teach, as well as some infection control concerns, and hands-on nursing skills.  Specifics are forthcoming.
  • The Bangladeshi Government has contracted with the local police force to escort us from the hospital to our lodgings and back.  They want to make sure we aren’t subject to pickpocketing or the like.
  • Dr Kabir agrees that All nurses are welcome, and nurse educators are ESPECIALLY welcome.  If you are an educator and feel like a mission trip is not in your future, this one is specifically perfect for you!
  • We are building an ongoing connection with this region.  This is our first trip.1923508_1700940056862109_231069368571631479_n


Have you made your profile on HireNurses yet? Don’t assume you cannot afford it.  We feel like we will get quite a bit of support, and we want the very best nurses for the people of Bangladesh.




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