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Executive Board Members

Executive Director/Founder: Janie Harvey Garner RN
Janie Harvey Garner, RN, Founder of SMYS, Executive Director, is a former US Navy Hospital Corpsman, with an Associates in Applied Science in Nursing from St. Louis Community College in 2007. She is the founder and Executive Director of Show Me Your Stethoscope, as well as the Show Me Your Stethoscope Foundation. Her background is in ICU, ER, SANE, cardiac catheterization lab and electrophysiology. Currently, she works as an EP RN at John Cochran VA Medical Center in St Louis, Missouri. She has been married to Paul for 13 years, and is the mom of two boys plus a bonus son.

National Director: Jalil Johnson MS, BSN, ANP-BC
Jalil A. Johnson MS, BSN, ANP-BC, National Director, started his healthcare career in 2000 as a CNA. He completed his LPN program in 2001 at Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville, Tennessee; ADN (RN) in 2006 at Columbia State Community College; BSN in 2008 at Middle Tennessee State University; MS/NP training 2010 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School; and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (expected graduation is the spring of 2016). Jalil’s clinical background includes medical/surgical, psychiatric, substance abuse and intensive care (CCRN) experience. He is most passionate about working with underserved communities; he currently works as an NP in a federally underserved community in Massachusetts. Additionally, Jalil enjoys teaching, and hopes to improve the culture of nursing education. He is proud to have mentored many undergraduate and graduate students through their studies and over the course of their careers. He currently holds adjunct faculty positions at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Baypath University, and Elms College. Jalil is also a budding nurse scientist and studies the intersection of T2 diabetes and Latino culture. (This has been the focus of his doctoral work and he plans to continue this research in the future.) Outside of clinical and academic work, Jalil’s interest include professional and non-professional mentoring, social justice, and improving diversity within the healthcare profession. Jalil has three children (ages 18, 11 and 5) and considers his family his greatest accomplishment to date.

Director at Large: Kelley Meldoon Rieger BS, MSN, RN, PNP-BC
Kelley Rieger BS, MSN, RN, PNP-BC, Director at Large, received her BS from Rutgers University, and her RN and MSN from Yale University. She has practiced as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for nearly 20 years. Kelley has been a clinical consultant on a wide variety of subjects, from Electronic Health Record development to Parenting Coaching.

Chief Strategist: Alley Staffier MS, PMP
Alley Staffier joins us from the Northeast as our lead strategist. Alley brings over 13 years of experience in successfully driving strategic initiatives, partnership management and operational experience. Focused on fostering relationships while encouraging process improvement, she has an array of specialized skills that range from strategic negotiation, developing solutions, implementation and change management. Alley holds her Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology, her PMP, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Management, and Biochemistry. She has worked for prestigious health organizations, and while not a Nurse, she has years of experience working with nurses and those in the healthcare industry. She is an avid foodie, collector of vintage wines and spends her free time with her husband, daughters and trying to make the world a better place and advocating for Nurses. She is a serial networker and welcomes invitations to connect alley.staffier@gmail.com or Connect on LinkedIn

Director at Large: Rebecca Love
Rebecca Love, BA, MSN, RN, ANP, Director at Large, is an Adult Nurse Practitioner & Founder of HireNurses.com. Rebecca received her Bachelors of Arts in International Relations from Boston University and her Nursing/Masters of Nursing from Northeastern University. After working with a presidential campaign with health care as a primary issue, Rebecca realized it would be better to be part of the choir, rather than to preach to it; she chose to become a nurse. This choice led to a career as a nurse practitioner, a Professor of Nursing at Boston College, and most recently as a nursing entrepreneur and business owner. She has joined SMYS as a board member. Outside of her work life, Rebecca is a married mom of three wonderful young children in Boston, Massachusetts. She serves as a board member for multiple non-profit boards, and chairs nursing conferences and events. She says: “I am thrilled to formally be joining Show Me Your Stethoscope. There are 3.1 million registered nurses in the United States that are on the front lines of health care. It is time they are in the boardrooms and policy making meetings that impact the future of health care. I believe Show Me Your Stethoscope has the ability to bring forth changes in ways nursing has not been able to before, and I am thrilled to be part of such an amazing organization.”

Advisory Board Members

Stephanie Chiappinelli Correa, RN , MSN, CCRN-K, NE-BC
Stephanie Chiappinelli Correa, RN, MSN, CCRN-K, NE-BC, has been in the health care field for 30 years. She started as a Med-Surg LPN; most of her experience is in critical care, and in leadership and management. She currently practices in Virginia as a Critical Care Director. She has also done project management and lean work as a green belt, and is part of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Nursing Practice, with a project on compassion fatigue awareness. She aspires to Dr. Jean Watson’s work on caring as a science and is currently working on a SMYS caring survey. Stephanie uses her appearances on local television to connect with her community on health-related topics, ranging from Ebola to families calling for rapid response. Stephanie resides with her husband; between the two of them, they have seven children, eight grandchildren, and one grandchild on the way. For stress reduction, she is the lead singer in a classic rock band and loves singing with her youngest daughter, Jorja, who has special needs.

Vanessa Rendón-Cazarez RN, BSN, CCRN
Vanessa Rendón-Cazarez, is a full-time doctoral student at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. She is pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner, with plans to graduate in 2017. Vanessa earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 2007 and earned her Critical Care Registered Nurse certification in 2011. After her undergraduate studies, she commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy. Vanessa gained a variety of experience from the Navy Nurse Corps, and mastered skills in departments including: Telemetry, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Labor and Delivery and Emergency Department. Vanessa served nearly six years on active duty before returning to her home in San Antonio, Texas, where she created protocols and curricula for diabetes and hypertension education for the indigent and underserved population in a community clinic. In her personal life, Vanessa is married and the proud “mother” to three dachshunds. She is an active member of her Catholic parish, and a volunteer for a non-profit dachshund rescue organization, Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas. She enjoys travel and is willing and eager to try anything. Her favorite activities include SCUBA diving, surfing, zip-line, deep-sea fishing and hiking.

Dr. Mica Frey-Harris
Dr. Mica Frey-Harris, was born and raised in Iowa. She has been awarded an associate of arts degree from North Iowa Area Community College; a baccalaureate of science degree in nursing from The University of Iowa; a master’s of science degree in nursing leadership and management; and a post-master’s certificate in nursing education from Walden University; and a doctorate in nursing practice from St. Catherine University. Dr. Frey-Harris is also a board certified nurse executive. She is a mother of three boys, ages 18-25; she’s also the Mimi of one granddaughter. Nursing experience includes LTC, NICU, GI, Homecare, Infusion, and PICC/IV team. Mica is currently the Manager of the Cerro Gordo Free Clinic in Mason City, Iowa. She loves to read nonfiction, and is a documentary nerd.

Doris Carroll BSN, RN-BC, CCRC
Doris Carroll BSN, RN-BC, CCRC is an RN from the Midwest, with a background in OB/GYN, NIH clinical trials, Infectious Diseases, and Primary Care for Adults and Children. Doris started her career in Labor and Delivery, and left that position in the early 90’s to pursue a rare opportunity in the clinical research space. Doris says, “I left inpatient nursing in 1992 when I had the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of NIH research with pregnant women with HIV infection. I loved it, but it was very challenging. Many tears shed back then for our patients. Many died due to little treatment options in the early days of HIV infection. However, those women who enrolled in clinical trials were very brave. They took AZT vs. placebo in a double blind study, 5 times/day! Their participation led to nationwide benchmarks for the standard of care for the treatment of HIV infection in women and children.” 

About ten years ago, Doris changed career paths again to the outpatient setting. Delivering nursing care between two services, Infectious Disease and Primary Care services for Adults and Children. Doris recounts, “I love the continuity this position provides in caring for my patients,” she says, “and the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.” She now is an Administrative Nurse for those clinics.

Published co-author for several articles, book chapter, and poster presentations throughout her 34 years in the nursing profession, Nurse and Patient advocacy has played a more important role in her career the last 4 years.

“I work nationally with a group of highly dedicated nurses with the same passion for patient safety. Similarly, I am now the Vice President of the Illinois Nurses Association, a Nurses’ Union, and a Vice President Affliate for Illinois AFL-CIO, as well as the Chief Co-Steward at my local hospital of 1200 nurses. I am grateful for the opportunities my nursing career has provided for me. I love what I do. My message to you…Stand up, Speak up, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”

As a co-organizer for SMYS/Nurses Take DC since 2016, “I share my hopes and dreams with you now. You and I will need to continue the work of passing legislation for Nurse:Patient Ratios at the state and federal level, the only way to protect our patients, our loved ones…and nurses!”

Doris is also a single mother of teenagers. And cats. And one gecko. Enough said.

Sara Corry
Sara Corry is the co-director of Healthy Villages, Inc., SMYS partner for Ghana healthcare missions.  Sara organizes the medical missions from the U.S./Canada side and assists the volunteers with trip planning and preparations.  She is also there on the Ghana side, helping with the mission outreach activities.  When not in Ghana, she lives in Indiana, USA and enjoys gardening, cooking, reading and being outdoors.

David Miller ADN, RN
David Miller ADN, RN was born and raised in Virginia, David answered the call to be a nurse after many years in construction. After working his way up from CNA, he is currently an ADON at a LTC/rehab facility. David has been a proud member of SMYS from early on and was a rally organizer for Nurses Take DC 2017. His love of photography has been beneficial at several SMYS events and the SMYS Cruise 2017.  “I am excited to be a part of Show Me Your Stethoscope,” David says, “as we work to unite nurses of all practices to support each other and speak out for our patients. Together, we are a powerful voice”.  He is the father of a 21 year old son who is starting his senior year at the College of William and Mary.  David plans to pursue his BSN in the near future.

Pam Robins RN, BSN, MSN
Pam graduated from Saint Joseph Hospital School of Nursing in 1978. She has worked as a staff nurse in the PACU acute care and ambulatory setting for many years.  As a member of her professional state nursing organization, Pam served as a collective bargaining unit chair developing contract language. Pam was elected serving on the state professional nursing association Board, eventually elected Illinois Nurses Association President and has been deeply involved in Government Relations, fashioning and lobbying legislation for almost two decades.  Pam’s passion is awakening the professional nurse to their political power – enlightening them on the current legislation that will impact their nursing profession and the public’s health – and encourage them to become politically active as a nurse constituent advising their legislators on how to vote on health policy in Springfield. She received her BSN degree from the University of Saint Francis (USF) in 2007, and in 2013 graduated from USF with her Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration.  Pam is adjunct professor Millikin University in Decatur teaching graduate nurse anesthetist students Health Policy and Politics. Pam served as an Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition Leadership (IHAC) sub-committee chair developed and presented with nationally recognized speakers the IHAC 2015 two-part series webinar Nurses to the Boardroom! In 2015, Pam was a consultant serving as a thought leader on two of the three workgroups for the national project, Value of Nursing. Three focused workgroups were developed around the key components: a clear definition of the value of nursing that can be shared with the healthcare industry and the public, development of a business case for the utilization of the RN and development of a licensing certification competency crosswalk for the inter-professional team.

Special Advisors

PJ Allen-Thomas RN
PJ Allen-Thomas, RN. PJ is a malcontent at heart. She frequently seeks better solutions to the problems she notes around her. SMYS, she feels, is a possible solution to the slew of problems health care faces: safety, public education, professional communication and collegiality. She started her career on the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital-Columbia; her clinical experiences span critical care issues of a wide variety. As a travel nurse, she has been lucky enough to learn more from her exposure to different practices from all over the US. She has found her niche (for now) in hospice care, and works as a call RN for Compassus in Columbia, Missouri. Her other occupations include art and photography, heavy lifting, personal training and nutrition coaching, and avoiding telling new acquaintances she’s a nurse. She lives with the love of her life, Frank; her two girls, Molly and Lucy; a Komondor-Pyrenees mix, Jill, and her Snorkie buddy, Dirty Harry; a corn snake, Miss Sneakypants; and a metric butt-ton of chickens. They all live on the same eight acres in Columbia, Missouri. Her favorite band is Pinback, she becomes deathly ill after consuming eggplant, and she thinks running is stupid.


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