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May 12, 2018

Happy Nurses Week – SMYS members give of themselves for Hurricane Harvey and Christmas

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This week we have witnessed that SMYS Nurses take care of themselves on the SMYS Cruise, take care of others around the world with Medical Mission trips, take care of our own by providing tranquility in Las Vegas in times of tragedy, and that is not even the end of how SMYS Nurses, and other members, rise to the challenge of giving of ourselves in times of need.


This past year Hurricane Harvey struck the gulf coast, causing massive destruction to homes and infrastructure, leaving many homeless, without resources and care. Hurricane Harvey caused $125 billion in damage and displaced 30,000 people.  The flooding in Houston and other areas of the Gulf Coast was devastating and required harrowing evacuations, but when the storm settled, and people needed to return to what was left of their homes, the devastation of what happened became more and more evident.

SMYS members on the ground were able to quickly mobilize and arrived in the shelters to organize and coordinate supplies and other needs, being able to get there in the days and hours before groups like the Red Cross were able to deploy.  SMYS members online, in addition to sending supplies, partnered with Physician Moms Group to raise $12,000 to help rebuild infrastructure for some of the area schools.  Once again the Nation of Nurses rose to the challenge of helping those in need when disaster struck.


Not only does the Nation of Nurses rise to the challenge when disaster strikes the country, but they rise to the challenge when personal disasters strike. At Christmas, keeping with the tradition of previous years, the Nation Of Nurses once again adopted dozens of families.  Some of these families suffered great losses due to fires, natural disasters, unexpected deaths of loved ones, or having had to suddenly deal with diseases that left them unable to work.  Over the past 3 years SMYS has adopted 100 families at Christmas time, helping to ensure that others have a holiday season that is Merry and Bright. SMYS members went above and beyond to embody the spirit of SMYS and Christmas, purchasing all of the gifts for these families who otherwise would not have been able to have Christmas gifts.  So many children were able to experience some joy over the past three years thanks to the generosity of SMYS members. We’re so thankful to all of the SMYS members who donated and helped give these families a wonderful holiday season.

Happy Nurses Week from the entire Show Me Your Stethoscope Team!

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