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May 10, 2018

Happy Nurses Week – Las Vegas Tranquility Room

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The Nation of Nurses relaxed on a cruise, gave of themselves in service to others on medical mission trips, and now, when our fellow healthcare professionals need us most, when it is time to care for our colleagues, the Nation of Nurses once again stepped up to answer the call.

After the terrible events of the Las Vegas mass shooting, Nurses and other healthcare professionals, from around the United States, supported front line Nurses and staff by providing meals for those working. Months after the media attention faded, these front line Nurse were still grappling with the stress and emotional trauma of working the mass casualty. Again, SMYS members stepped up and provided a real solution to help them cope by financing a sanctuary room in the hospital. This place was designed by Nurses for Nurses to offer a place for them to rest, decompress, and find tranquility for a few minutes during their often chaotic shifts.

We are so proud of the SMYS Nation of Nurses and their dedication to taking care of each other.

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