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July 19, 2016

SMYS Staff of the week: Jennifer Lombardi Story

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Jennifer (Story as we call her) has been a nurse (LPN) for 13 years. She has worked in several nursing specialties but most recently has been working in oncology for the past 4 years. She currently works in shirtsmysleukemia research at Massachusetts General. Jennifer has several roles at SMYS including but not limited to moderating the main SMYS group & serving as an SMYS for Change Ambassador for Massachusetts.

What is your favorite thing about working at SMYS?
My Favorite thing about SMYS is the people. I’ve made lots of friends and love seeing everyone come together to support each other. Plus, I love the meme wars!

Why do you volunteer your time to help SMYS?
I volunteer my time because I have seen what this group has accomplished in such a short amount of time and see the potential for what we can become. With these numbers and the passionate members and staff, there is absolutely nothing we can’t achieve.

What do you want SMYS to be when it is all grown up?
When SMYS is all grown up I would love to see it have a physical location, a group that does so much to help people and to make waves in the medical community. Known for our good works, getting safe staffing legislation passed and tackling the next project.

Jennifer is one of the treasures of the SMYS crew. She is always willing to jump in and lend a hand. For example, at the #NursesTakeDC rally she jumped into action to help get hundreds of pizzas delivered to the rally attendees. She ran the SMYS booth at the Nurse Innovation Hackathon at Northeastern University. She, along with other SMYS staff, picked up Janie from the Airport in DC, and even though they got lost, managed to get her to her destination, eventually. Most importantly, she’s a coffee drinker, and will make sure to help you get your morning dose before any SMYS event kicks off. shirt8

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