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June 3, 2016

Who wants to be a Nurse Millionaire?

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hackYou can start out by attending the Nursing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit and Hackathon in Boston on June 17-19! This is a terrific opportunity to meet people and share ideas. I am pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of talent and expertise in the form of industry leaders sharing their knowledge with the attendees! However, you may have some questions. I will try to answer them here:


  • What the heck is a Hackathon? This is a word which was created out of the words Hack and Marathon. Originally used in the software development industry, it has been applied to innovation in almost every field! Hackathons are useful in many industries, and healthcare is definitely one of them!
  • I am a nurse with a great idea for a new healthcare product, but I have no idea what to do with it. Is this for me? It is absolutely for you! Many of us come up with great ideas and have no idea what to do with them. We are caregivers, not venture capitalists.  The mentors (and industry professionals) at the event will help teams figure out the steps to getting an idea off the ground.
  • Who are the Mentors? They are a group of knowledgeable professionals in several industries; most have a connection to healthcare. There is absolutely no way for me to highlight all of their accomplishments in this blog.  Please click here for the complete list of mentors.
  • Will someone at the event do the work to get my idea off the ground? No, but you will get an idea of the PROCESS to get moving on your idea.  The work is yours.  Please read this article by Dr Marybeth Pompei,the Chief Clinical Scientist at Exergen Corporation, and also a nurse!
  • Who should I thank for this awesome event?  Dean Nancy Hanrahan for taking the leap of faith to move nursing into the era of entrepreneurship!


The Summit has some great keynote speakers, including Kathryn Bowles, PhD, RN, Professor of Nursing University of Pennsylvania; Patricia Dykes PhD, RN  Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School. Sr. Nurse Scientist and Program Director for Patient Safety Research & Practice, Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, and Tiffany Kelley, PhD, MBA, RN who is the founder of Nightingale Apps.  The Hackathon’s guest speaker is Janie Harvey Garner, (me) talking about how Show Me Your Stethoscope happened! 🙂 I promise to be way less impressive than the actual experts.

To register for this event, which is the FIRST OF ITS KIND; please click here. It is affordable and extremely valuable. If you only attend one conference in 2016, I would make it a point to attend this one. The cost for the summit is only $195 per person, and $179 per person if you register with a group of five or more! Bring a friend (or four)! The Hackathon is only FORTY BUCKS per person, and FREE for current students.

So, you should go to this. There will be a Show Me Your Stethoscope table, and we will be there with loot and tchotchkes for you. Come and visit me there!

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