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May 11, 2016

The things I have been doing – I allegedly made a med error on myself.

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I hate packing, and I hate leaving the house.nursborn_sq

I mean, HI! So EXCITED to go to DC ūüôā

I have a love-hate relationship with traveling. ¬†The love part is when I come home; the hate part is the rest of it. ¬†I am a¬†dyed-in-the-wool homebody. ¬†Being a guest on RNFM Radio was actually a whole lot of wmhuman interaction for me. It becomes more and more obvious that Electrophysiology is the perfect specialty for Janie. ¬†Either I am sedating a patient, (and I guarantee you that anyone I sedate is not talking to me) or I am having a meaningful relationship with the Claris Workmate Recording System….. which looks like¬†a whole lot of multicolored squiggles to most people.

It is my friend, and it always tells the truth ūüôā

Yeah, so that was weird.  I know. We will not talk about that anymore.waldenu_minitype

So, in other news, I am still going to DC in the morning. ¬†My family is tiptoeing around hoping I will not decide to stay home. ¬†Only because this has happened before. ¬†What they don’t know is that wild horses nurseentrecouldn’t drag me away from DC this week. ¬†I am completely motivated to get on a plane and join my fellow NurseWarriors! (TM) in our fight for safe staffing ratios. ¬†I may even bring a dress. ¬†Maybe.

To prepare for this event, there have been people with several organizations organizing, ordering, dreaming, creating, fundraising, gathering, purchasing, networking, and cajoling all of the necessary elements into place. ¬†It is tireless, mostly thankless, and pretty darn frustrating. Organizing nurses is like herding cats, if I am honest. Keeping everyone focused on the endgame, and untangling them from the details takes up a lot of time. ¬†However, it is also the most exciting thing that nurses have done since the 90’s, and I think we all know what that was. ¬†Here we are, in 2016 with the same poor staffing, additional issues complicating our practice, and less time than ever to spend with our patients. ¬†Remember the patients? They have been lost¬†in the shuffle of for-profit healthcare, patient satisfaction, and increasingly heavy documentation.

We do remember the patients. And this is why #NursesTakeDC.INA-Official-logo204x116

Not everyone could arrange to go to DC this year. ¬†Some of you are in Texas, Arkansas, or Arizona. ¬†And some of you couldn’t leave home. ¬†Some of you were afraid of retaliation by your employer if you attended such an event. We are there for you, we will represent you, and hope you can attend next year. Be a part ¬†of the rally; ¬†watch the LiveStream <—Click ¬†of the event¬†on YouTube. ¬†Please go subscribe to our empty YouTube Channel which will soon be full of safe staffing goodness! ūüôā

Even though I am a homebody and would prefer to stay at home where I do not have to premedicate to answer the door, I am proud and grateful to be a part of this wonderful event.  I am humbled to be a part of nursing history.  I am grateful to the following people, in no particular order for the following things:HireNurses.com logo

  • David Miller for photographing what will be a piece of our history
  • Jalil Johnson for doing everything I hate to do. Also, for being a tireless advocate for nurses and nursing.
  • Kelley Rieger for getting money to buy signs, fund scholarships, serve appetizers, and such things
  • “Phillip and The J’s” (Jen, Jen, Joan, Jen, and Jay) for doing tons of message board moderating so I can do other stuff (Annie, Sarah, Tommy, etc) ūüôā
  • ZDoggMD (Zubin Damania, MD) for supporting nurses in word, in deed, and in song.
  • PJ Allen-Thomas for creating all of the beautiful graphics, and designing all of the T-shirts. ¬†If something¬†was awful, I did it. ¬†(and she cringed)ste
  • Rebecca Love, for sharing her technology and believing in all of us.
  • Sharon Reynolds and Annie Chartrand for managing the joins lobby…say no more.
  • Cathy, Pam, Melissa, and Doris, for everything Rally.
  • Sarah Evans for going to the Rally with me so I cannot cancel.
  • Kelsey Rowell for all of the RAW ENTHUSIASM!
  • Alley S. for pointing us in the right direction and advocating for us, always.
  • Mica Frey-Harris for being an awesome leader, and also for the sweet digs ūüôā
  • Vanessa, Nichole and Tama for getting those state rallies DONE.
  • Andrew Lopez for all of the social media advice. ¬†He is the hashtag master.
  • All of the speakers and legislators who are attending.
  • Alex Hopper, Webmaster for tirelessly dealing with my nonstop¬†demands. ¬†And for being pretty.
  • Pat
  • Linda Kirk for Cake Duty, present wrapping, and all kinds of other stuff.
  • The Rally group for awesome discussion, troubleshooting, critical thinking, and BEING THERE!
  • RNFM Radio (Kevin, Keith, and Elizabeth) for somehow making me sound ok.
  • All of the people I forgot who hopefully will not be mortally offended.
  • The Cast of the View for being clueless about what nurses do.
  • All of the businesses who have sponsored this event and given donations for the raffles. (logos in post)
  • Every single solitary person who decided to show me their stethoscope.¬†

I know I forgot lots of important people.  I am exhausted and I may possibly have made a med error on myself last night.  I know you guys love it when bad things happen to me.

Just FYI, when you mean to give a patient 2 colace, do not give them 2 bisacodyl.











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