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April 16, 2016

You are not alone, Nurse

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This ‘planning the grassroots revolution of healthcare’ thing can get pretty exhausting.  IJS.mothingwillwork

It feels like it is taking every single organizer, and every single attendee to keep this on schedule and on point. We started with no money, suspicious members, and nurses who told us that it would be impossible to get anyone to attend a public event. The original Rally organizers and Show Me Your Stethoscope would like to say we told you so.  With love, of course.

Jalil Johnson, who is our National Director/nurse practitioner, sounds exhausted and looks thin. Our graphic designer/hospice nurse PJ Allen-Thomas clenches her teeth and shakes every time  I say her name.  Our Community Manager/high up in the NHS nurse Phillip Chalmers is getting tics from dealing with trolls.  I am not going to even tell you about my last conversation with our Marketing Director/peds nurse practitioner Kelley Rieger.  Let’s just say it involved our boys thinking both of their names were Luka; and that they in fact lived on the second floor.

The Rallies at the National and State levels are coming along.  No Rally in your state? Reply to this post and start one! We are always looking for a few new change agents! Your rally can be as simple as 10 nurses and supporters with handmade signs who made appointments with their state reps.  Your heart and your desire for change are the big, bulky items, but you carry those around all the time. No special equipment necessary. Let us know how we can help.  That is what we are here for….to support you as you take charge of your own career, and advocate for your patients. We ask for nothing but your participation.  You are not alone.  We are here, nationwide and in many other countries.  Your fellow nurse warriors are all around you, and you do not have to be afraid anymore.


Dr Zubin Damania, being awesome.

Today Dr. Zubin Damania;aka ZDoggMD and Founder of Turntable Health, really surprised and energized us with an offer to do something special for our rally. Unfortunately, he is unable to attend. That weekend is Dr. and Mrs. ZDogg’s anniversary.  We do not want anyone getting injured or divorced over our event.  We are all about the peace and love, not so much the domestic assault and divorce court. Simply put, it harshes my mellow. Also, I have seen ZDogg’s fraidy face.  I do not wish to be responsible for it.  

Which brings me to another point.  The Illinois Nurses Association is supportive of our event and gave us a monetary donation and their goodwill.  ANA declined to endorse us, which is what we asked for; NNU is completely ignoring us. I guess neither of them were openly hostile. Either way, that only equals 10% of nurses in representation terms.  I have respect for both of these organizations, and I will agree to disagree with their actions and move on. Their members are already attending, anyway.  Perhaps they will let their organizations know how they feel about nursing organizations not supporting a safe staffing event.  🙂

So, Dr Damania was supportive, and INA was supportive.  And we thank you both with all of our hearts.  Seriously.


It is not too late to get on board and endorse this event.  We are not going to hold a grudge. 🙂 Anyone else interested can contact us at janie.garner@smysofficial.com or Jalil.johnson@smysofficial.com. You can also click here to join SMYS for Change.  And here to add yourself to the Rally Group. Also, any organizations or companies who would like to meet our members at our after-rally event are welcome to support it and attend.

When we look back on this many years from now, will you have done the right thing, or the easy thing?

Either way, you aren’t alone anymore.1ce4aa326a2bb71485c2a83bdd7d5395








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