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April 9, 2016

Return of the SMYS Rally Shirt!

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#nursestakeDC Support Staffing Safety Awareness!

Support Staffing Safety Awareness!

The people have spoken. THE SHIRT IS BACK ON SALE. Order by 4/22/16; estimated delivery 5/6/16.

About the t-shirt:

  • It’s on sale through April 22, 2016—estimated delivery May 6, 2016, so it should be in your hands and ready to travel with you to the DC Rally.
  • The shirts are sourced from well-known producers; they normally are of a cotton-poly blend. The specific shirt is chosen by Bonfire based on what they can bid out for a reasonable production price.
  • Available in unisex, women’s, youth, long-sleeve unisex and hoodie cuts! NO V-NECKS, sorry.
  • The women’s shirts do run small—order up at least one size!
  • You can order it here.

What you can do to support safe staffing, t-shirt or no t-shirt:

  • Tell your health care friends, teachers and students about how unsafe staffing levels increase the number of adverse patient events, up to and including death
  • Also mention that it can increase the number of workplace injuries
  • Invite them to join us in Washington on May 12, 2016
  • Or, attend a state capitol event on the same day
  • Share this press release with your colleagues, coworkers and friends: http://smysofficial.com/advocacy/safe-staffing/
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