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April 8, 2016

The Power of Nursing and Nurses – Sexualizing Children and the Profession

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Today, my very good friend Sarah brought something to my attention:

Yes, That is a TODDLER sexy nurse shirt. With CLEAVAGE

Yes, That is a TODDLER sexy nurse shirt. With CLEAVAGE

So, SMYS really hates sexualizing children.  We hate it a lot.  When I say we, I mean myself and the admin team.  And the members. And their coworkers, and their mailman, trash collector, gas meter reader, and probably complete strangers.  IJS. Sexualizing children is absolutely ridiculous.  We do not put t-shirts with cleavage on toddlers for the love of God.  It is never, ever ok to make little girls think that five years old is an appropriate time to be SEXY. It is also completely inappropriate to put a t-shirt with a degrading portrayal of nursing on ANYONE.  Child or not.

nb_badgereelAnd for that matter, we need to stop sexualizing traditionally female professions.  The Sexy Nurse, Librarian, Teacher, etc. need to DIE.  This is not cute. This is not sassy. This is disrespectful to all women, and disrespectful to all nurses.  Nurses are not prostitutes.  We are skilled professionals, and the largest healthcare population.  We do not have to put up with this demeaning stereotype.  The Dallas Mavericks basketball team had ‘naughty nurse’ cheerleaders.  Subway had a ‘naughty nurse’ Halloween commercial, There are countless examples on this page.  Why do we allow this to go on? We did not become nurses to ‘snag a doctor’ for a husband! We are part of a respected field, and we still laugh at nurses with their breasts hanging out; wearing PVC  white dresses and caps? We think this is somehow appropriate? Or are we just completely hardened to our profession being portrayed as bimbos?4_cheerleaders-4

This morning, the population of SMYS sent a twitter storm to Amazon, and asked them to remove this item.  And they did.  To give Amazon a break, they have a bazillion items for sale, and they probably do not look at most of them.  These things will not be removed unless we bring it to their attention.  However, you would think that ‘sexy’ and ‘toddler’ would not be able to appear in the same ad.  For real, Amazon?  Get a filter or something.

So, your voices made that happen.

So if we can do that, why don’t we do the same for other disgusting portrayals of our profession?

And if we can do that, why aren’t we fighting for safe staffing as a united profession?

Your voice might be small, but your profession is large, and our combined voice is powerful.

Use your voice.








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