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March 18, 2016

Bangladesh, because this is what Nurses do.

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1923508_1700940056862109_231069368571631479_nWe are accepting applications for our next Mission Trip which will take place in Sylhet, Bangladesh from September 13-September 21, 2016!  Myself and SMYS National Director, Jalil Johnson will absolutely be going on this trip!kislukids4

Our own Dr. Kislu Kabir has arranged our adventure to work with the Bangladeshi people, and to instruct the nurses at a major university hospital to help expand their practice! This is a once in a lifetime chance to improve healthcare internationally.  Dr. Kabir has been with Show Me Your Stethoscope from the beginning, and you may remember our joint fundraiser to provide home nebulizer machines for kids in Bangladesh.  With this fund, we were also able to feed the children at an orphanage.  Dr Kabir’s family operates six clinics in the country that provide healthcare to an underserved population.  His parents and children are also physicians.

Dr Kabir is constantly involved with good works for his people.  Since I have become acquainted with him, I have seen him give away nebulizers to kids, rickshaws to people who orphanagecan now make a living providing transportation in Dhaka, Bangladesh; a sewing machine to a battered woman who will be able to provide for her children, food to an orphanage, and quite frankly, he is also a balm for my soul.  There are few people in this world who put their whole hearts into helping the needy, and giving a hand up rather than a handout if he is able.  I am awed by his generous, unflagging spirit.  When I meet him, I know I will feel like I am simply reuniting with an old friend.

We will fly out of Chicago or New York, because the flights are most affordable from these cities.  Travel to this region can cost in excess of $1500.00 round trip. We have found tickets in the $1100.00 range.  Accommodations have not yet been finalized, but they will be in a hotel in Sylhet.  We will do our best to find a ‘westernized’ facility, but be advised that Bangladesh is a developing nation, and we are not going to be at The Hotel President Wilson. 🙂

Things to know about Bangladesh:HireNurses.com logo

  • All nursing professionals are welcome.  APN, RN, LPN, and Students. Nurse Educators are especially welcome!
  • We will all fundraise to make the trip as affordable as possible, but you will have to pay something.
  • The trip will require vaccinations, and there are some that are not required, but are advisable.
  • You will need a passport.  Apply NOW. 
  • I suggest travel insurance.
  • Many people in Bangladesh speak English.  It is a required subject from year one in most schools. Do not be afraid of becoming lost. 🙂
  • To apply, you must go to HireNurses.com and create a profile, and submit a photo and a bio.  We want to know about your skills, and why you want to go.  Go under jobs, and select the post out of San Francisco.
  • I have asked Dr Kabir to arrange for us to visit the orphanage we helped. Hopefully, this will be possible.  If not, I suggest we visit one closer to Sylhet.  Dr Kabir lives in Dhaka, and the orphanage is near there.
  • Hurry! Seats are extremely limited!


Another chance to show the world your stethoscope.  Because you wanted mission trips 🙂







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