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March 14, 2016

Cancer Sucks – Baby Ryan’s Worldwide Chemo Shower

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You might remember that we had a baby shower for Baby Patrick a few months ago.  Now we are going to do something important for a completely different reason.

Because Cancer SUCKS. 

My name is Ryan LaSource – aka RyanMan.

I was born in December of 2012 and was diagnosed with AML (Leukemia) at 5 months old. After being in remission for nearly a year, I relapsed in 2014 and went through a Bone Marrow Transplant at Blair E Batson in Jackson, MS. 1 year after my Bone Marrow Transplant,babyryan I relapsed again (in 2015) and had 3 Donor Cell Infusions – which successfully put me back into remission in December 2015. Now – March 2016, I just relapsed again (facing cancer now for the 4th time in my 3 years of life). Because my skin is so sensitive, the only clothes I can wear comfortably is the kickeepants brand. So with help from you and others I am hoping I can get enough kickee clothes to wear them around the clock, sleep in them and even have my mom wear them so she is soft enough to lay on

Baby Ryan’s own personal AngelNurse is buying mom’s clothes.  She also made sheets and pillowcases for Ryan to sleep on

Ok…..Seriously.  This kid has Graft vs Host and his skin is painful at all times.  The KickeePants clothes are made of bamboo fabric and agree with his skin.  They are somewhat expensive.  Kelley Muldoon Rieger is going to contact the company to match us, but this kid needs clothes that do not hurt him.

I can’t stand for a kid to have cancer four times in his three years AND hurt all the time.  

I can’t take it.  

I put a couple of books and toys on there too,  I might add some coloring books or something.

Ok click here to check out the wishlist.  

This was Ryan and his parents before he relapsed this time. 🙁






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