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March 8, 2016

Our Young eating our Young.

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This morning, I was scrolling through the Facebook group as I pried my eyes open with a cup of really really dark roast and found this question:

Just curious…has anyone replaced a PICC line dressing where it wasn’t sterile? New nurse here asking the question… 

I thought it was valid.  As a new nurse, seeing different policies in different places, or seeing your preceptor doing something not quite ‘by the book’ could be confusing. Naturally, there was a flurry of correct replies, that a PICC line dressing change should always be a sterile procedure.  Yay.  Educating.  Being helpful, etc.  Lots of explanations piccand descriptions of hospital policies all over the country.  I thought to myself, “Self, this is why you created this group! Collaboration………and then….<sigh>….

Because nursing school is the best time to get started on your ‘eating my coworkers’ practice.  

Look, kids…. you have to be the change you want to see in the world.  When you are rude and scornful to another human being, you do not look smart.  You look like a jerk.  This isn’t about a Facebook group either.  It is about thousands of interactions each day between healthcare staff.  Also, the “You are being rude for calling me on it” makes you look petty.  So stop it.  Sometimes we are wrong, and we have to own it  God knows I have to do it all the time. Maya

I keep hearing these stories.  Let me help you out, snowflake.  If you are a nursing student, new nurse, old nurse, or ancient nurse….. you will learn something new today. No, really.  Completely true.  I do not think I have ever worked a shift without picking up a fun fact or new technique.  I love saying, “Wow! I had no idea!” because it means my knowledge just increased a little.  I can incorporate that factoid into my patient care, if appropriate.  Patients could receive better care because someone took the time to pass a little knowledge on to me.

And that is why I love precepting.

So, please don’t make it a habit to snack on your peers right out of school, kids.

We are trying to curtail this, not perpetuate it.




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