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March 3, 2016

Feeding the hungry and nursing the sick, internationally- Nice Stethoscope

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Show Me Your Stethoscope members have repeatedly shown that they walk the walk. No matter how crazy you make me sometimes.

You may remember this, or you may have donated to the cause.  It happened on Black Friday, 2015. Dr Kislu Kabir mentioned a child who came to his clinic in status 12294733_1058818727502046_905190586228263042_nasthmaticus. He gave the child a nebulizer machine, because his mother would have to work for a month to buy one.

Yes, This beautiful lady would literally have to starve to death to give her son completely necessary medical care.  We should be thankful that kind and generous people like Dr Kabir exist.  I know I am.

So I asked Dr Kabir if I could send him the cost of a replacement nebulizer.  He generously offered to donate one in my name.

That wasn’t going to happen.

Spontaneously, I asked Show Me Your Stethoscope Members if they would like to participate in a fund raiser to buy nebulizers for Bangladeshi kids who needed them. Dr kislukids5Kabir kindly agreed to accept the money and buy them to distribute.  We donated, he purchased, and kids half a world away got to breathe freely because of you.  

These hare-brained ideas of mine sometimes develop into something awesome, and this one was the best.

There was some money left after he donated the nebulizers. Doc asked me if he could purchase food for an orphanage in Bangladesh with the remainder.  I figured you guys would be ok with that, so I agreed that we would like for him to do this.

When I checked Facebook this morning, I was completely choked up by a post that Dr Kabir tagged me in.  There were pictures of beautiful children, outdoors with sacks of lentils, rice, garlic, and onions, bottles of cooking oil and a sign.  Naturally, all of my

The feels....the feels are in me...

The feels….the feels are in me…

makeup was immediately cried off, but it was worth it.

Your donations fed these gorgeous children.  Healthcare professionals in the US fed Bangladeshi orphans today.  Like we nourish our patient’s souls with our compassion, we have nourished these children’s bodies half a world away.

With our generosity and compassion.

Because that is what we do, don’t we? We heal, we nourish, we care, and we love. Selflessly.

And we did it because we were brought together by a talk show host, a pageant contestant, and a Stethoscope.

I am considering starting a monthly ‘pledge’ of a few dollars each to continue this work and make this orphanage our extended family.  I want us to adopt an entire orphanage.  How nutty is that? Another one of my hare-brained ideas that will no doubt cause our National Director, Jalil Johnson to smack me. 🙂 Because totally spontaneous and I didn’t warn him. BAD JANIE!

I love that we can unite to show the world what we are capable of as nurses. I am so grateful that Dr Kabir gave us this opportunity to show the world our stethoscopes.

And coming soon, another opportunity to show the world our love for others. Bangladesh Mission Trip, tentatively scheduled for early September. Dates and details to come.

See you there.





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