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February 22, 2016

Instead of what’s wrong with nursing….

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I spend a lot of time talking about what is wrong with nursing right now. Everyone loves conflict.  This blog will have less views, less hits, and less retweets.

sharethecare1I don’t care. Sometimes you just have to brag about the best job there is.

No, not ‘professional sunbather and margarita consumer’.

I love nursing.  I love being a nurse, taking care of people, and everything about it.  My worst days in nursing are still better than my best days in my former career.  If I could bottle the feeling I get when taking care of people, I could sell it for billions. Even people covered in stool, vomit, urine, and dirt.

But you know that.

I am going to list here why I find it so cool to be me, in story tidbit style.  I will probably give you all of the stories one day. I need yours in the comments

  • Completely freaked out by a patient who wanted a Dr. Pepper.
  • Helped deliver a baby in the back of a Toyota.
  • Saluting as the patient went by, draped in the flag.
  • Brain bleed to better in a week
  • 29 minutes of CPR and no deficit
  • Held C-spine.  It was a good thing, too.
  • The king, his crown, and his cape, singing Stacy’s Mom
  • The day they picked up that SAFE exam kit.
  • Hypothermia works!
  • Holocaust victim.  She kissed me.
  • He walked back into the ICU, healthy now, and turned to me as soon as he heard my voice.
  • Delivered a baby on a table, alone. She was 15.
  • Gave rescue breaths then rubbed granulated sugar inside his mouth, 18 minutes from paramedics.
  • I took them to the rooftop garden, so they could process what was about to happen to their sister.
  • She came to the ER every few days so I could change her colostomy bag.
  • The not-stroke, the thank you card, and the newspaper article.
  • She said I taught her so much, and she is a big nurse now.
  • The first military-wide HIV test
  • His mother still writes me, every year on the day he died.

I know, a lot of flashes of small bits of information. If you are a nurse, you only had to hear that little bit to know what I am trying to communicate here.  The days I touched someone’s life that I will never forget, and the patients who have touched my life. This is a tiny sampling of the perfect job on planet earth.

Go ahead, be jealous. Unless you are one of us.







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