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February 14, 2016

And the winner of the I LOVE SMYS Free Littmann Stethoscope is…..

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A Nursing student.


A Vet.

Brian Luther

Here is what he wrote:


He Chose Navy Blue

The wound is red
The patient is blue
The professionals of SMYS
Are here, caring for you

Despite some of the professional jabs, hurt feelings, occasional
inappropriate comment or sentiment, Show Me Your Stethoscope is a
collection of seven hundred thousand people from all over the world
that spend their day providing love to their fellow man.  It is for
this reason only that I love being a part of Show Me Your Stethoscope.
I love how this group was born and came together in solidarity when
Ms. Colorado was scorned in front of a national audience for sharing
her love of our profession.  I love to hear the stories from seasoned
nurses.  I love sharing in others joy and grief not because they are a
friend, but they are nurse or other health care worker who might just
need a little love in return. I love seeing all the specialties that
are represented: OR, LTC, Med/Surg, Peds, ICU, NICU, ER, Trauma, to
name a few. I love the magic that is worked in these departments.  I
love the determination for patient advocacy and all the different
avenues we are exploring to solve longstanding and emergent issues. I
love seeing that not only are we superhuman, but we are also human.
It is this humanity, displayed everyday on the pages of SMYS that I
also love!

Becoming a nurse is a second career for me.  After spending twenty one
years in the military as a special operator specializing in
intelligence collection, I knew when I had seen enough.  I retired and
thought “what do I do in the next chapter of my life?”  The strongest
bond a Soldier has is with a fellow Soldier.  You can call it a love
affair.  We have been to battle together, stared down death (sometimes
winning, sometimes losing, and sometimes coming to a draw), we have
laughed and cried, celebrated life events, “embraced the same suck.”
traveled the world, missed our families at the holidays, accomplished
what others could do but did not, trained in the same cold, wet, and
miserable conditions, and then we came home. My love for healthcare
stems from the love I have for my brothers and sisters in arms.  This
love keeps me focused, determined, and dedicated to finishing school.
This love has guided me through the ups and downs of becoming a nurse.
This love for a segment of my fellow man, the veteran, drives me to
not fail them.  There is no Purple Heart for a broken heart.  “Greater
love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his
friends.”  This adventure into nursing is my repayment. This love
motivates me to one day be able to walk into that room in the Veterans
Administration hospital or clinic, and say, “hello, my name is Brian,
I am your nurse and I will take care of you!”




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Incivility among healthcare providers. How does that transfer to your care?

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We have heard the expression that “Nurses eat their Young” many times, and in fact, new graduate nurses are in danger of being consumed whole by their more seasoned co workers.  However, it does not end there.  Everyone is in danger of lateral violence and incivility, depending on their workplace and the pervasive culture to either bully or not bully. Older nurses are often bullied by younger nurses in certain environments.

Incivility among nursing staff is an epidemic that has been going on since Flo lit a lamp.

Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, and Sara Ahten, MSN, RN Wrote This Article about Incivility in nursing.  It is extremely informative and describes in plain language what incivility IS, and it is not just words.  They also give great advice about how to respond to lateral violence in the workplace.


Renee Thompson, DNP, RN wrote this material on bullying, and she is especially insightful. She has created workplace education about lateral violence and incivility.  One of the quotes on her website spoke so loudly to me that I simply had to place it here.  Sorry, Dr Thompson for the theft.:


Nurses can be so caring and compassionate to patients, yet they can be so horrific to each other. It’s time for nurse bullying to stop! Join me and bring your friends.

Be  kind – not cruel

The largest problem I see with providing you with all of these resources is that Nurse Bullies Will Not Read Them.  reso

So I challenge you to read this information.  Maybe you will find out that what is being done to you at work is bullying, and not your fault.  Maybe you will find that you ARE a bully and can take steps to modify your behavior for the good of your profession.

And if you just rolled your eyes, there is no easy help for you.

I differ with Dr Thompson in one way.  I believe that incivil nurses are not as compassionate to their patients as people who are naturally kind to their coworkers.  I have done no research to back this up. This is purely anecdotal.  I am a nurse who has been bullied, and I submit that the health care providers who bullied me and others were not especially nice to their patients either.  

So maybe asking you to read this stuff is a public service announcement. 

Nurse, Heal Thyself.







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