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February 12, 2016

Historic Show Me Your Stethoscope News. Don’t miss this.

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I am overwhelmed to announce that you can now travel the world with SMYS. 

Hi, we are going on a mission!

A Mission trip…..wait……make that two.  

TWO Mission trips.  This fall.

In September, (dates pending) we are in the planning stages of a mission trip to……..

Bangladesh. kislukids5

Yes, the home of gorgeous children who need nebulizers and Dr. Kislu Kabir.

Dr Kabir and his government will be excited to host us in the city of Sylhet, to help expand and improve the practice of nurses in his home country.

You will get the opportunity to take your practice on the road, and help patients AND your fellow nurses in a lovely 500 bed hospital.  Personally, I want to eat.  Because Bangladesh has FOOD! 🙂

Seriously, I am really excited about this.  And that is mostly because I will be attending.  So, if that would be fun for you….. you get to take your practice on the road with me! Yay! Road trip! SMYS Meet up in Bangladesh!

Now….let’s move on to October.  

Your destination is…..  Haiti!haiti

You need to read this link for all Haiti information.  This trip is SET UP. Details are available.

Medical Mission trip to Haiti – October 2016!

Show Me Your Stethoscope is organizing it’s first medical mission trip to Haiti in October of 2016 and is looking for nurses to join them on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The medical mission is being led by SMYS member and Nurse Connie Landis, who has taken this trip before to Jeremie Haiti, and National SMYS Director and Nurse Practitioner Jalil Johnson.  This 10 day medical mission trip is sure to be an opportunity of a lifetime.  There is only room for a total of 12 nurses on what we hope will be a first of many other medical mission trips.

To apply:

1. Create your Profile on HireNurses.com – make sure to include your picture and outline your areas of expertise in the about me section.

2. Then send a message to Connie at “Haiti Medical Mission Trip” posted in Miami Florida (as this is where we will all meet and depart for Port a Prince, Haiti) and tell us why you’d like to join the trip.

Follow all instructions.  

These trips will cost money.  We will fundraise to subsidize as much as we can.  That will come in the next few days.

We promised Mission Trips.  We delivered Mission Trips.  

We are here for you, and what you want out of nursing.  Safe Staffing, Workplace Violence prevention, and making a difference in the whole, wide world.

Time to get that passport!




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